TPS Decree Settlement and Specialty Assignments

TULSA, Okla. – One result of the lawsuit settlement between the Black Officers’ Coalition and the City of Tulsa is the “Adoption of Specialty Assignment Policy”. The proposed policy dictates the manner in which the Tulsa Police Department posts, selects and maintains “Specialty” positions.

Specialty positions included but are not limited to: Narcotics, Gangs, Detective assignements (Robbery, Homicide, Burglary, etc), K9 Unit, Task Force, Traffic Enforcement Units, Street Crimes and Vice Units, Helicopter Unit, and other assignments that are not directly related to field operations.

A portion of the proposed policy specifies that “no officer may serve in one or more specialty assignments having a term or terms aggregating more that fifteen (15) consecutive years.” A review of the Departments current status reveals that approximately 25 positions could potentially be affected by this one procedure. Those positions are across the Department, but the majority occur in the Detecitve and Special Investigation Divisions.

The Department in currently seeking exemption for several critical positions. Exemption will be requested on the basis of security clearance (ie Homeland Security) and the need for special certificaitons (ie K9).

The Police Department, as most other public and private sectors, has a continuity plan and a knowledge retention plan in place, if in fact this policy is mandated. Although a short-notice removal of critical personnel is not preferred, the Police Department will abide by any State or Federal court order. The Police Department continues to evaluate all options available to provide the high qualtiy of service that Tulsa residents have become accustomed to.

Updated 05-27-2010

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