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FINANCIAL ADVISORS: From left, Senior Vice President and Controller Karen Perkins, Vice President Kristie L. Quarles, Senior Vice President Timothy F. Breedlove, Vice President Debi J. Combs and Assistant Vice President Darla Read are members of the Trust Co. of Oklahoma staff working to ensure friendly, personable service.

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The jargon surrounding retirement accounts is enough to confuse anyone attempting to manage their post-career finances. Add to the mix that companies sometimes lose their customers’ personal interests in the shuffle of cookie cutter investment programs, and the process becomes seemingly impossible. Then there is that BIG question: “Have I/we saved enough for retirement?”

Consider The Trust Company of Oklahoma. Chartered by the Oklahoma Banking Commission in December 1980, TCO is dedicated to the mission it was founded on: remain independently owned and locally managed by the finest professional and experienced staff providing superior wealth management services and unbiased advice to our clients. TCO is the largest and oldest trust company in Oklahoma managing in excess of $2.4 billion in assets.

“The Trust Company of Oklahoma gives the customer a personal relationship with our employees,” says Senior Vice President Tim Breedlove. “The personal service we offer sets us apart from other companies.”

That personal service begins with IRA Rollovers. When an individual retires and has a 401(k) account, he or she has the option of transferring the money to an IRA Rollover. This type of account gives an individual a wide range of investment options.
To open an IRA Rollover account, an individual takes money from his or her 401(k) account and within 60 days puts it into an IRA Rollover. When planning to do this, TCO can walk the customer through the things they need to know about the process.

“Anyone with a 401(k) should know they have options to move their money,” says Breedlove.

Breedlove says the top three things any potential or existing customer should know about this process are: 1) what their investment options are; 2) what types of fees they will encounter in the process; and 3) what highly individualized customized services that TCO provides would be of benefit.

“The main benefit comes from what TCO offers on the investment side,” Breedlove says.

“TCO offers asset management, a service that differs from mutual funds offered by larger companies. When customizing a portfolio, portfolio managers and account administrators sit down with their customers, talk through investment goals and objectives and design a program that suits the individual.

“From there we manage their account based on those objectives. Having an individual portfolio manager and administrator assigned to an account is beneficial because then the customer isn’t just a number, they’re a person.”

For individuals/couples who have $1 million or more in financial assets, whether tax deferred or not, TCO can do a free retirement planning analysis that will answer the question: “Have I/we saved enough for retirement?”

For more information on services offered by The Trust Company of Oklahoma, visit, or call (918) 744-0553.

Updated 10-24-2007

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