TU Ad Program Partners with O.A.T.H. for Campaign

HELPING A CAUSE: The winning team from The TU Ad Program’s most recent campaign project pose with individuals from Oklahomans Against Trafficking of Humans (O.A.T.H.). The student project was to create a public service campaign for O.A.T.H.


When Don Hull was approached by fellow Kirk of the Hills members regarding who he would recommend to assist with creative and production for a public service campaign for Oklahomans Against Trafficking of Humans (O.A.T.H.), he knew just who to call.

One phone call from Hull sparked the first round of creative concepts from Hinkle’s “Advertising Copywriting” class, then the entire O.A.T.H. contingent was invited to the Hinkle Creative Center on the TU campus a week later for the formal presentations by eight student teams. Once the pitches were completed, the O.A.T.H. group was then challenged with choosing the best TV script, print ad and outdoor board for final production. “That was the toughest part,” says Hull. “Every team was spot on in terms of strategy and incredible creative concepts, but we finally decided that the campaign created by Alden Van Patten and Carly Boatright was the best. The stunningly shocking visual created by Van Patten and Boatright was the reason for our ultimate decision: it featured a little girl with a $90 price tag actually pinned to her skin on her lower neck. That visual really captured the emotion of what we’re dealing with……and I’m sure most people have no idea that Oklahoma ranks fourth in the nation in human trafficking, which is certainly not something to be proud of.”

Now that the choice has been made official, the entire class will be involved in the production of the materials. “In advertising, this is how we learn,” Hinkle says. “First, students have to understand the immediacy of how the business works, then they understand the importance of being able to sell what they create and how important the presentation skill set is, and then, finally they get to work with other Tulsa professionals in order to get the job done. Once we have all the materials in hand, the students will work with local media pros to cement the public service announcement schedules before handing the entire campaign to O.A.T.H.”

“We were highly impressed with how professional and on-target these TU Ad Program students were,” says Jana Love, Kirk of the Hills/O.A.T.H. representative. “They blew us away with their creativity, energy and passion for the cause. We can’t wait until they get everything completed, and the campaign hits the media.”

Mark Elam, statewide director of O.A.T.H., adds, “It’s a pleasure to be associated with TU and The Ad Program. I hope to call on them again in the future when we need to do another campaign, and Hinkle has promised us his students will be ready again to help. Human trafficking is a hideous issue and the more awareness we can create the better off we’ll all be.”

Hinkle concludes, “This is what The Ad Program at TU is all about. Our students quickly ‘get it,’ that being put on the firing line is what this business is all about and then being able to respond with relevant solutions is our responsibility. I couldn’t be prouder of a bunch of emerging professionals than I am now—yes, they are that good.”

Updated 03-27-2013

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