TU Completes Renovations On Oxley College of Health

DOWNTOWN LOCATION: Dr. Gerard Clancy, second from left, dean of The University of Tulsa Oxley College of Health Sciences and TU vice president of health affairs, stands inside the Oxley College of Health Sciences, 1215 S. Boulder Ave., with Brandon King, left, visiting clinical assistant professor; Deborah Greubel, third from left, director of the School of Nursing; Nicholas Zumwalt, clinical assistant professor; Sheryl Stansifer, visiting clinical assistant professor; and Robb Rose, right, visiting clinical assistant professor. Renovations to expand the Oxley College of Health Sciences, located in downtown Tulsa, were recently completed.

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The University of Tulsa recently completed renovations on five floors of its downtown Tulsa campus facility at 1215 S. Boulder Ave. These renovations allow for expansion from 310 to more than 600 students in the Oxley College of Health Sciences. The space houses the School of Nursing, Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences, Department of Kinesiology and Rehabilitative Sciences, OU-TU School of Community Medicine, and the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship.

The building renovations include six new classrooms and experiential laboratories outfitted with the latest technology, including a state-of-the-art, lifelike patient simulator, to offer learning opportunities that replicate real-world health care scenarios.

Hurricane Health Clinic, occupying the first floor, will provide general health services to the public as well as TU students, faculty and staff. Students supervised by faculty members will operate the clinic, which also will provide primary and preventive care and rehabilitation and wellness services as well as mental health and legal services staffed by psychology and law students.

Updated 05-06-2016

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