Tulsa Business Travelers Save Money

TRAVELING SMART: Research has confirmed that Travel Agencies offer significant discounted rates. These dicounts can save travelers on the annual level.

Courtesy of Spears Travel

(TULSA) ? For the eighth consecutive year, research confirms that business travelers in the United States consistently save on airfare when using a traditional travel professional ? such as Travel Leaders ? over the Internet. The study by Topaz International, an independent airfare-auditing firm, was released on May 1, 2009. The most recent figures reveal that travel agencies provide their business travel clients an equal or lower fare 91.56% of the time and save them an average of $61 per airline booking.

?The results of this well-respected study, again, verify that booking business travel via a dedicated travel agency is more cost-efficient than booking via popular online services, as well as directly through the airlines? own Web sites,? said Greg Spears, , of Spears Travel / Travel Leaders. ?As Topaz?s own findings confirm, for every $10 million of air spend, using a travel professional can represent savings of up to $100,000 a year.?

In addition, Bradley Seitz, president and of Topaz International, stated in a news release issued May 1, 2009, ?the challenge of travel management professionals during difficult economic times is to ensure their travelers are spending precious resources wisely, and airfare is one of the highest expenditures in many corporations.?

?We work closely with all of our business travel clients to assess their needs and create a plan to help them meet their goals while keeping travel costs in check. This independent measurement is in line with what we see in our Travel Leaders offices,? continued Spears. ?In addition, our clients have the added security in knowing that if a change or issue arises, they have a direct link to an expert who can immediately work to address the situation. We provide travelers the personal expertise; tools and solutions to handle their travel economically, efficiently and effectively; and we back it up with our team of seasoned professionals who are on-call to provide assistance.?

?Travel Leaders agencies are experts in managing business and leisure travel and we encourage local businesses in Tulsa to consider how our agency can help them, and their employees, reap the proven benefits of the services agencies like ours provide,? said Spears.

Updated 05-29-2009

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