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Cascia Hall Preparatory School, a Catholic Augustinian college preparatory school for grades 6-12, was founded in 1926 by the Order of Saint Augustine. The school is open to Catholic and non-Catholic students. The liberal arts curriculum is taught in an environment that embodies the Augustinian values of Truth, Unity and Love. Students in the middle school (grades 6-8) and upper school (grades 9-12) together number nearly 600. Every student is required each year to take courses in English, math, science, social studies and theology. Additionally, courses in the arts and foreign languages are required. Preparation for college academics is a primary goal. In addition to a challenging curriculum, Cascia Hall has a dynamic extensive athletic program that includes football, soccer, cross country, tennis, baseball, golf, cheer, basketball, wrestling, volleyball and track.

Cascia Hall Preparatory School, 2520 S. Yorktown Ave., Tulsa, OK 918-746-2600
www.casciahall.org, Headmaster: Roger Carter

Bishop Kelley High School (BK) for grades 9-12 offers an education in the Catholic Lasallian tradition that “develops individuals whose hearts and minds are prepared for a purposeful life.” A broad college preparatory curriculum along with a variety of academic programs allows students to meet and exceed requirements for graduation and college entrance. Students can explore a wide range of academic interests, or focus on a special area of interest. In addition to a wide range of co-curricular activities such as academic bowl, drama, concert and jazz choirs, speech and debate, Bishop Kelley has a strong and successful athletic program that includes softball, football, volleyball, cross country, basketball, wrestling, cheer, baseball, soccer, track, golf, swimming, and tennis.

Bishop Kelley High School, 3905 S. Hudson Ave., Tulsa, OK 918-627-3390
www.bkelleyhs.org Principal: Curt Feilmeier

Holland Hall, Pre K-12, a coeducational Episcopal-affiliated day school, was founded in 1922. The school, with approximately 1,000 students and 100 faculty, is located on a 162-acre campus in south Tulsa. Holland Hall focuses on the whole individual, encouraging students to thrive in the “4 A’s:” academics, arts, athletics, and atmosphere. Community is a core value, enhanced by small class sizes. Preparing students for a successful transition into a competitive college or university environment is another core value, reflected in its challenging curriculum, demanding high order thinking skills and the ability to manage time. Holland Hall offers a variety of clubs and organizations. Those for high school students include clubs for film, art, gardening, latin, academic bowl and thespians. Holland Hall’s athletic program offers competitive sports including crew, cross country, field hockey, football, basketball, golf, soccer, vollleyball, basketball and more.

Holland Hall, 5666 E. 81st St., Tulsa, OK 918-481-1111
www.hollandhall.org Interim Headmaster: Richard P. Hart

Lincoln Christian School, founded in 1997 by Pastor Willie George, provides education to K-12 grade. It is a partnership between parents and the church and is fully accredited with the International Christian Accrediting Association () and the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCACASI). Its goal is to raise the next generation of Christian leaders through emphasizing godly character, academic excellence, and extracurricular activity. The faculty and staff work together to prepare students for a lifetime of living, serving and finding true meaning. The curriculum provides a both a college prep and biblical education. Extracurricular activities include choir, jazz band, drama, quiz bowl and student government. The competitive athletic program includes football, basketball, track, baseball, golf and more.

Lincoln Christian School, 1003 N. 129th East Ave., Tulsa, OK 918-234-8863
www.lincolnchristianschool.com, Secondary Principal: Darren Melton

Metro Christian Academy, founded in 1983 for grades K-12, offers a college preparatory liberal arts education with the Bible as its foundation. The curriculum is focused on developing students’ God-given talents and abilities. Metro offers its students a true community atmosphere with innovative approaches to learning.

Diverse levels of technology are infused into academics at each grade level, and Advanced Placement courses and a honors curriculum is available in addition to the standard curriculum. Fine arts are a strong component of Metro Christian’s program, and various courses and activities are offered in visual arts, vocal music, speech, debate, drama, instrumental music, and praise and worship. The athletic program is diverse and includes soccer, tennis, wrestling, baseball, football, volleyball and more.

Metro Christian Academy, 6363 S. Trenton Ave., Tulsa OK, 918.745.9868
www.metroca.com, Headmaster: Roger S. Gerstenberger

Peace Academy is a private Islamic school located in midtown Tulsa. It was founded in 1990 and offers grades PreK-12. The school aims to prepare its students to become academically excellent and balanced Muslim-American citizens. Its program is committed to inspiring in its students a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge in an environment of respect. Students participate in a variety of community service projects and compete in sports events including soccer tournaments. Peace Academy graduates have gone on to attend the University of Texas, University of Tulsa, University or Chicago and University of Oklahoma, among others.

Peace Academy, 4620 S. Irvington Ave., Tulsa, OK 918.627.1040
www.peaceacademytulsa.org, Principal: Zaheer Aratsu

Regent Preparatory School (K-12) was founded in 2000 and prepares its students with a challenging education to prepare them to live purposefully and intelligently in the service of God and man. The classical and Christian curriculum is based on the history of Western civilization and culture and recognizes the Bible as the final authority in all things. The curriculum focuses on ancient history, languages and culture, emphasizing grammar, logic and rhetoric of all subjects. The 9-12 curriculum includes AP courses in calculus, Latin Vergil and physics; regular curriculum courses include ancient history, conceptual physics, Roman and Medieval literature, rhetoric, geometry, astronomy, scientific research methods, and Greek and Latin. The athletics program includes baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis and volleyball.

Regent Preparatory School of Oklahoma, 8621 S. Memorial Dr., Tulsa, OK 918.663.1002, www.rpsok.org, Headmaster: Andy Shapleigh

Riverfield Country Day School, PreK-12, was founded in 1984 and the Upper School, grades 9-12, was added in 2002. By 2006 the school had expanded to a campus of 120 acres. Riverfield’s philosophy is to provide an excellent education in a family-oriented atmosphere. The program encourages students to develop and mature in a diverse and respectful environment. The faculty offers students a personalized curriculum focused on developing the whole student using a student-centered approach to education. The high school curriculum is innovative, and Riverfield is the only school in Oklahoma to integrate tablet PCs into the college prep curriculum. Riverfield students gain a competitive advantage through their ability to integrate technology into their work. In addition to a well-rounded academic curriculum, Riverfield offers its students diverse elective options that include rock band, newspaper, yearbook and drama.

Riverfield Country Day School, 2433 W. 61st St., Tulsa, OK 918.446.1914
www.riverfield.org, Head of School: Jerry Bates

Victory Christian School educates grades PreK-12 and was founded over 20 years ago by Billy Joe and Sharon Daugherty. Its mission is to help each student become as much like Jesus Christ as possible. Each student is trained spiritually, academically and physically to become Christian leaders. The high school curriculum includes AP courses, and students are encouraged to achieve at the highest level. The college preparatory curriculum prepares graduates to meet the challenges of the university environment. Students are equipped to achieve academic success and be witnesses for Christ in the world. In addition to offering a college prep curriculum, Victory has extracurricular activities and sports including art fairs, academic bowl, performing arts, solar bike race, science fair, student council and talent shows. The athletic program offers football, basketball, volleyball and more.

Victory Christian School, 7700 S. Lewis Ave., Tulsa, OK 918.491.7700
www.vcstulsa.org, High School Principal: Phil Klehm

Wright Christian Academy was founded in 1989 with the commitment of connecting young people to God through a quality educational ministry. Wright Christian Academy believes in being “more than a school,” using shared life experiences to forge a belief system that endures. Students are taught a rigorous college preparatory curriculum in an interesting and challenging setting. Academics include an excellence in writing program, prep program, online language acquisition program and on-campus courses offered through Tulsa Community College (). In addition to academics, students enjoy a variety of educational field trips, spiritual education that includes daily Bible classes and weekly chapel services, and sports that include archery, soccer, volleyball, cross-country and basketball. A football program began this fall.

Wright Christian Academy, 11391 E. Admiral Pl., Tulsa, OK 918.438.0922
www.wrightchristian.com, Superintendent: Jeff Brown.

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