Tulsa Ballet II Presents ‘On Your Radar’

On Friday, September 5th at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday, September 7th at 3:00 p.m Tulsa Ballet will break new grounds with the opening performance of the first subscription series of Tulsa Ballet II, Tulsa Ballet’s pre-professional ensemble. The opening program of TBII’s first season, On Your Radar, will be composed of three pieces: Napoli Divertissements, In Formation and Fourth Wall.

Napoli Divertissements
Choreography by August Bournonville
Music by Edvard Helsted and Holger Simon Paulli
Originally premiered with Denmark’s Royal Ballet in 1842, this abbreviated version of August Bournonville’s evening-length classical ballet Napoli is captivating for the audience and challenging for the dancers. The 172-year-old national treasure tells the story of Teresina, a young Italian girl who falls in love with Gennaro, a fisherman from Napoli. The tale culminates in the marriage of the lovers.

“Napoli Divertissement is a section of Act that portrays a beautiful Pas de Six, very fast and energetic solos and finishes with a Tarantella where every cast member has their moment to shine,” said Alfonso Martin, Tulsa Ballet II’s Artistic Manager. “It has all the ingredients to start an evening: challenging choreography, diverse dancers and a captivating narrative for the audience.” Artistic Director Marcello Angelini adds, “The Bournonville style of classical ballet is very unique. Because the original stage of the Royal Danish Theater, the home of the Royal Danish Ballet since its inception in 1748, was rather small, August Bournonville’s works highlighted vertical jumps and small arms movement. Born of that necessity, his style exuded natural grace and harmonious body movements. We are happy to share excerpts from one of his most notable works, Napoli, with our audience.”

In Formation (World-Premiere)
Choreography by Ma Cong
Music by Philip Glass
In Formation marks the eleventh piece choreographed for Tulsa Ballet by Resident Choreographer Ma Cong. After retiring as a principal dancer with Tulsa ballet, Cong has thrived in his career as a world-renowned choreographer based in Tulsa, commissioning works for ballet companies around the world including JoffreyBallet, Smuin Ballet, Houston Ballet, Australia’s Queensland ballets and the National Ballet of China.

In Formation consists of two contrasting movements. The introductory movement contains two Pas de Deux as a demonstration of the dancer’s personal and intimate connection with the audience. The second creates a comprehensive exhibition of the company’s ability to build individual movements into a single concept for the audience.

“Phillip Glass’ music poses a particular rhythmic challenge with irregular counts and physically demanding and quick movements,” said Cong. “This work was designed to showcase each unique and individual talent; it was primarily created with classical ballet techniques and enhanced with flares of contemporary movement.”

Fourth Wall (World-Premiere) Choreography by Norbert De La Cruz Music by George Frederic Handel, Crystal Castles, and Johann JohannssonnFourth Wall, a World Premiere by award-winning young Filipino-American choreographer, Norbert De La Cruz , refers to the figurative boundary that separates the dancers from the audience. The piece questions at what point the audience becomes collaborative in the art form of dance through a vast variety of classical, contemporary and electronic music. The audience is encouraged to explore how the human body communicates and how a performer interacts with the onlooker.

“It’s about alienating and deconstructing the ballet vocabulary and stereotypes while celebrating the human body.” Said De La Cruz.

Fairfax News claimed the Juilliard graduate, “Norbert De La Cruz is a choreographic voice that is not going to fade away. Classical bones and a contemporary sensibility.” Mr. Angelini adds ,“Norbert is a true choreographic talent, one that has already accomplished so much in spite of his young age. He has the vision and creativity to make beautiful dances, yet he is gifted with the discipline and maturity needed to transform talent into achievement. I am so happy that Alfonso found him and proposed his work to me for these performances. It’s a win-win for all involved, from the dancers to the audience to the organization as a whole.”

The 2014/15 Season will mark the first year Tulsa Ballet II performs a stand-alone mini-season, separate from the main company. The Emerging Choreographers Showcase, staring will be performed next spring.

Tickets for On Your Radar start at just $25. For tickets call (918) 749-6006 or visit www.tulsaballet.org.

Updated 08-23-2014

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