Tulsa Citizens Aim for More Pedestrian-Friendly City, Call for Sidewalks and Accessibility

The Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges has announced the launch of the “Alliance for an Accessible City” and resource website, WalkableTulsa.com. 

“Sidewalks and their maintenance are often overlooked but very important to those with physical 

challenges,” says Lori Long, executive director with THE CENTER for Individuals with Physical 

Challenges.  “The Alliance will advocate for improvement of our city’s sidewalks and neighborhoods.” 

A grassroots effort from members of the Pearl District Association, the Alliance began with concerned 

citizens and business owners like Christine Booth and Jamie Jamieson.  Booth watched from her 7th and Utica business as pedestrians and citizens in wheelchairs maneuvered the difficult paths outside where no sidewalks existed.   

What I saw was a blatant failure of public safety,” says Booth.  “People shouldn’t have to risk their lives 

traversing a dangerous obstacle course just to make their way down the street.  It was a disaster waiting 

to happen.” 

Tulsa scores close to bottom among US cities on key measures relating to walkability, sidewalks 

investment and health.  The Alliance’s goals are to promote health and better pedestrian accessibility for all Tulsans.  Initial objectives include repairing and installing sidewalks on Utica Ave between 3rd and 11th Streets due to the concentration of physically challenged individuals living in the area and the services available to this population. 

To encourage citizens’ participation, INCOG partnered with the Alliance to create a website, 

www.WalkableTulsa.com.  The website lists resources on who to contact with sidewalk maintenance 

questions, how to evaluate neighborhood walkability and includes a feedback form for sidewalk 

complaints and suggestions.  Information on the Alliance’s mission and policy recommendations are also included on the site. 

Updated 02-27-2010

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