Tulsa City Council Adopts City of Tulsa FY 2010 Budget

Tulsa City Councilors tonight adopted the City of Tulsa’s budget for Fiscal Year 2010 at their regular weekly meeting.

“The management team worked hard to analyze their operations, make reductions and put together operational plans included in the budget we presented to the Council on April 30,” Mayor Kathy Taylor said. “I am appreciative of the Council’s work in reviewing departmental budgets and working with staff to analyze the temporary impacts our reduced budget may have on services and employees.”

Taylor said the budget forwarded to the Council was the result of six months of preparation and was based on the Council’s Compendium of Needs, a Council consensus on priorities for City funding. The FY2010 budget includes funding for the workforce needed to implement capital programs, including the voter-approved Fix our Streets program, as well as public safety, general operations, and infrastructure maintenance, including streets, water and wastewater systems. The budget allows for some flexibilty if sales taxes continue to trend downward. Taylor’s management team submitted proposed departmental cuts that would only be implemented under certain economic conditions, based on rising costs and lower revenues. If the economy improves and sales taxes increase, management and the Council could restore funding to improve service levels.

“We will continue to monitor expenses and revenues closely, and work with the Council to make adjustments as needed,” Taylor said. “The Council has made decisions today that will aid us through the economic recession. Certainly in a period of declining revenue, this is not the time to expand programs.”

Updated 06-19-2009

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