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Tulsa Master Recyclers Association

GROWING KNOWLEDGE: A Union student works in Global Gardens at Rosa Parks Elementary, making connections between what we eat and how it’s made. Global Garden Educator Colby Craig says that when this happens for students, it creates in them a desire to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste. Global Gardens programming helps students take charge in properly composting and recycling food scraps and packaging. 

BETH TURNER for GTR Newspapers

This holiday season brings with it the tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions. I enjoy the process of looking back to be inspired as I move forward, as well as finding inspiration from those around me. So here is a round-up of eco habits and resolutions from a few people in our community.

Tulsa Mayor, G.T. Bynum: “One of the most sustainable resources we have is our Tulsa City-County Library system! They provide a venue for our community to share not just books, but movies, music, and more. With the Central Library recently reopened I encourage people to check it out and check out a book while they are there.”

Leadership Tulsa Executive Director, Wendy Thomas: “I’ve decided to make a resolution to purchase no new clothes in 2017. In addition to the fact I have more clothes already than a person really needs, I’ve become aware of how much cheap clothing gets simply thrown away. There are so many great resale options, and when I’m tired of something I can donate back to a great nonprofit organization like Goodwill.”

Community Affairs Director, APSCO Manu-facturing and State Director, OK2Grow and Dream It Do It Oklahoma’s Stephanie Cameron: “I keep a compost at my house.”

Global Gardens Educator, Colby Craig: “In our after-school program, sixth graders come in with boxed lunches provided by the school system. We incorporated chats about recycling best practices while they eat, so now the students take responsibility and recycle or compost everything except the plastic wrap around their sandwich. Inspired to do more, they’ve started working with the school to find an alternative to the wrap. So for me, it’s about learning different habits that benefit everyone.”

Shikoba Recycling owner and operator Kristen McCormick: “My tip is stop using disposable K-cup pods. They make reusable K-cups and filters that don’t fill up the landfills because no matter what the packaging says, they cannot be recycled without an excessive effort. Reusable options are sold at Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Walmart and several online retailers.”

Okie Crowe owner and operator, Kelli Brown: “I focus on shopping local, small businesses. The money I spend locally goes back into the local economy, helps local workers and families, and supports a local business owner’s dream. I am biased but tend to think shops like Okie Crowe offer shoppers something unique you cannot find just anywhere. I usually get a more personable experience, and I like putting my dollars into the hands of people who are hustling to make their dreams successful, just like me.”

Schnake Turnbo Frank Senior Account Executive, Hannah Jackson: “I don’t take home leftover food from a restaurant unless I’m definitely going to eat it – that way I don’t waste a to-go container. Alternately, if I have a catered event or over-purchase food for friends at my house, I take the extra food to the Day Center for the Homeless. I’ve taken everything from donuts to baked beans, whole meals, excess fruit and more. They’re always really friendly and grateful, and they can be creative with their food creations!”

Keller Williams Realtor Associate, Steve Trickett: “I’m fighting my packrat nature and getting rid of a lot of old computers and other electronics that don’t work, are out of date, or just aren’t worth fixing. Seems so strange to shed all these items that once cost many hundreds of dollars and are now worthless. But decluttering feels great. Off to the recyclers! Natural Evolutions got my old rom and Zip drive. The old Macs were taken in by MegaWatts and put on their museum wall. They didn’t have any Quicksilver G4s circa year 2000, so they were happy to get them, and I’m happy they’ll live on and maybe even be restored.”

Thank you to all in our community to strive to “green” our lifestyles. Before you begin making New Year’s Resolutions, take a moment to soak in all that you already do well, and appreciate yourself that you have motivation to add new and improved habits into 2017. Send in your New Year’s Resolution to bethturner@me.com, and I’ll tweet about it @TrashTalkTulsa.

Updated 01-23-2017

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