Tulsa County an Excellent Career Opportunity

From Tulsa County by RON PETERS
Tulsa County Commissioner

or new careers or a new place to continue on their career path. One of the best employment opportunities is working for Tulsa County. Whether you are new to the workforce or looking for a change, working for Tulsa County provides opportunities to enhance your training, provides a career ladder for both professional and nonprofessional workers, and has one of the best benefit packages in the Tulsa County region.

At Tulsa County, we understand the importance of a diverse workplace. We endorse and strive to create an environment of mutual respect. Our commitment relies on the fact that all individuals have the opportunity to contribute to the overall growth of the Tulsa County workforce.

Tulsa County is a full-service public organization with over 2,300 employees. We have a workforce in parks, engineering, highway construction, information technology, administrative services, building operations, fleet management, law enforcement, and social services, just to mention a few. There are always job openings in some departments. Some require a college degree, but many do not.

Tulsa County employees are offered a comprehensive, competitively-priced health care package, a paid-time-off program including vacation pay and holidays, life and disability insurance, and outstanding retirement benefits. In addition, employees can also participate in the Educational Assistance Program.

Training and personal development is a very important part when working for Tulsa County. Whether it’s to improve your job skills and performance or for personal growth and development, there is a regular schedule of classes and seminars available to support your work and personal life.

When working for Tulsa County, we support the employee in planning for their future once they have left their job. With the retirement plan, Tulsa County contributes 14 percent of an employee’s base pay with the employee contributing 2.5 percent of base pay each month. Vesting comes after five years of working for the county. This retirement package is one of the best in our region.

As part of the benefits offered, the employees are provided the opportunity to participate in the post-employment health care plan. This allows the employee to have money placed into an account they can use for qualified health care expenses.

We also encourage our employees to give back to the community by participating in many of our outreach programs. Whether it’s through United Way, the Day of Caring, blood drives, or other community events, we are deeply committed to the Tulsa County communities we live and work in.

If you or someone you know is looking for a new employment opportunity the best place to learn more about working for Tulsa County is on the Tulsa County website at www.tulsacounty.org. You start by going to the Government dropdown and find the Human Resources Division. There you will find a link to the current job openings, job applications, contacts for questions, and all the information about job opportunities and benefits.

Updated 07-23-2018

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