Tulsa County Conservation District Offers Funds for Landowners

Tulsa County Conservation District has funds available for cost-share assistance on certain practices benefiting soil and water conservation. The State of Oklahoma has provided limited funds to our conservation districts to help landowners implement measures that protect soil and water resources.

“With the continual cutback of federal funds for conservation programs, state funded conservation programs are needed more than ever to help protect the quality of our water and the productiveness of our soil”, said Pat Baker, Cost Share recipient and Former board member of the Tulsa County Conservation District Board. Mr. Baker said, “Many landowners and land managers in Tulsa County have benefited from the State Conservation Cost Share Program over the past 10 years, and good conservation practices are now on the ground to protect Tulsa County’s natural resources.”

Conservation practices available for cost-share assistance include:

1. Pond: A water impoundment made by constructing a dam or an embankment or by excavating a pit or dugout.
2. Critical Area Planting: Planting vegetation on highly erodible or critically eroding areas.
3. Nutrient Management: Managing the amount, form, placement, and timing of applications of plant nutrients
4. Pasture & Hay land Planting: establishing native or introduced forage plants to reduce soil erosion by wind and/or water
5. Grassed Waterway: A natural or constructed channel that is shaped or graded to required dimensions and established in suitable vegetation for the stable conveyance of runoff.
6. Grade Stabilization Structure: A structure used to control the grade and head cutting in natural or artificial channels.
7. Range Planting: Establishing adapted plants by seeding on native grazing land to prevent excessive soil and water loss and improve water quality.
8. Obstruction Removal: Removal and disposal of unwanted, unsightly or hazardous building, structures, vegetation, landscape features and other materials.
9. Stream Bank & Shoreline Protection: Treatment(s) used to stabilize and protect banks of streams or constructed channels, and shorelines of lakes, reservoirs or estuaries.
10. Fencing: Enclosing or dividing an area of land with a suitable permanent structure that acts as a barrier to livestock, big game or people (Does not include temporary fencing).

To be eligible participants must have or establish a conservation plan with the district, must need one of the above conservation practices, and must own or operate 20 acres of land in Tulsa County from which more that $1000.00 of soil dependent products (i.e. hay, livestock, etc.) are sold annually. Cost share percentage will be up to 75% of cost of practice installed, but will not exceed $5000.00. Due to limited funds, recipients will be chosen using water quality improvement and erosion control criteria.

Applications may be obtained from the Tulsa County Conservation District office located at 5401 S. Sheridan Rd., Suite 201. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If you have any questions, call (918) 280-1595.

Updated 09-24-2009

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