Tulsa Delegation Attends International Paris Air Show

Mayor, City of Tulsa

AERO ADVOCATES: Attending the International Paris Air Show are, from left, Kai Meirfarth, chairman of Lufthansa Technik Component Services; Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin; Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett; Stephen Fondell, president & CEO, Lufthansa Technik Component Services – Tulsa; and Michael Scheferhoff, A350 Component Business, Lufthansa Technik Component Services.

Courtesy City of Tulsa

In June, I traveled overseas to attend the International Paris Air Show, a well-regarded and world-renowned international trade show that has received global attention for its 100-plus years of operation. Notably, in 1969, both the Concorde aircraft and Boeing 747 jumbo jet were one of their first public displays at the Paris Air Show. A year later, the world’s most popular commercial aircraft (Boeing 747) would begin its career in the skies with almost every airline in the world.

As you can imagine, the Paris Air Show is a tremendous hub for cutting-edge developments in the global aerospace market, of which Tulsa is very proudly – and significantly a part of – within our own highly valued aerospace industry.

There is always something important and beneficial for the City of Tulsa to gain from various air shows, where past overseas trips have naturally segued to the establishment of crucial business relationships, both foreign and domestic.

Establishing mutual connections with companies having offices or headquarters in Tulsa, such as Spirit AeroSystems, The NORDAM Group, Inc., and Lufthansa Technik Component Services, is critical to maintaining Tulsa’s sustainable competitive advantage in the aviation/aerospace market.

During this past trip to Paris, I had the tremendous opportunity of meeting with representatives from an international aviation firm who expressed interest in Tulsa’s aviation expertise. Subsequent discussions on potential long-term business deals led to some very exciting prospects for job creation and synergistic success in Tulsa. I also met with a few individuals from an aerospace company with an office in Tulsa that is estimated to have added approximately 30 – 40 new jobs to our labor force. This was accomplished by the overwhelming availability of high-quality Tulsa talent.
There are many other exciting discussions on the table that the City of Tulsa is party to, and I can assure our citizens that my office is working to the best interest of our constituents. I strive to effectively communicate the value that Tulsa has to offer through our business environment, talented workforce and friendly community in every situation. I have put my beloved city at the forefront of many minds, and I plan to continue doing so as long as time permits.

Updated 08-11-2015

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