Tulsa Gridiron at PAC

The Tulsa Gridiorn performs at the Tulsa PAC Jan. 25-26 with Vision Trouble, or Help, We’ve Fallen Off the Fiscal Cliff and We Can’t Get Up

The Tulsa Gridiron will present ‘The First Annual 80th Anniversary Show’ Jan. 25-26, 2013 at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center.

The Tulsa Gridiron has a well-established, albeit slightly sporadic, history. In 1933, the Tulsa Press Club hosted a performance of the Oklahoma City Press Club’s Gridiron Show ‘The Bells of St. Murray’s.’ The title was a spoof on the popular song ‘The Bell’s of St. Mary’s’ (the movie was made over decade later) and Oklahoma Gov. William H. Murray. The 1933 performance is generally considered the first official Tulsa Gridiron. But the Tulsa Press Club had hosted similar shows on an occasional basis since 1912. During World War II and other intervening years the Gridiron show wasn’t held at all. It is due to the occasionally irregular performance history that the Tulsa Gridiron is calling the upcoming show ‘The First Annual 80th Anniversary Show’.

Tickets now available at the Tulsa .

Updated 01-27-2013

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