Tulsa Health Dept. Starts Online COVID-19 Testing

The Tulsa Health Department (THD) has launched a new assessment, testing and contact tracing solution to streamline its COVID-19 testing process. The online platform, powered by Qualtrics, focuses on three steps: assess, test and contact trace. Individuals can now access the assessment and schedule their COVID-19 test and receive results online. 
“This online scheduling platform will streamline the process for individuals wanting to be tested for COVID-19 here in Tulsa County,” said Dr. Bruce Dart, executive director of THD. “Through this online assessment, individuals will be able to schedule their COVID-19 test online and receive their results through the same platform making it convenient for both the individual and our case notification team.”
Additionally, THD will streamline its contact tracing process through the platform, where the sharing of contact and location information from confirmed positive cases will help reduce the spread of the virus. Individuals will answer questions to determine current risk factors, including their health, any recent travel, place of employment, and possible exposure to individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19.  
“We have been contact tracing positive cases in Tulsa County since the first case back in March,” Dr. Dart said. “The quicker confirmed cases can begin isolating, the quicker we can slow the spread of the virus and prevent outbreaks.” 
Personal health information from positive cases will not be shared with contacts at any time, and the tracing portion of the online program is opt-in, however those who do not respond will still receive a phone call from a contact tracing investigator.  
Anyone can visit www.tulsa-health.org/COVID19 to learn more and schedule a COVID-19 test through the Tulsa Health Department. The service will soon be available in Spanish and Zomi as well. Tulsa County residents can still call the THD COVID-19 hotline at 918-582-9355 with questions about COVID-19. To learn more about the Qualtrics COVID-19 solutions, visit qualtrics.com/HereToHelp.