Tulsa International Airport Holds Full-Scale Disaster Drill

VIEWING OPERATIONS: Tulsa Fire Department Public Information Officer Bill French helps to coordinate activities at Tulsa International Airport during the Emergency Disaster Drill May 18.

Officials at Tulsa International Airport conducted a full-scale emergency response disaster drill, a Part 139 requirement of the Federal Aviation Regulations, as an exercise to prepare responders and maximize the safety of the flying public in the event of an emergency. The drill took place on May 18.

The requirement to test airport and airfield emergency response is mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration. The airport must coordinate its emergency plan with local law enforcement agencies, rescue and firefighting agencies, medical personnel and hospital organizations, principal airport tenants and all other entities that have responsibility under the plan.

Tulsa International Airport is required to hold a full-scale exercise at least once every three years. Tabletop exercises are conducted annually to ensure that all information, procedures and training are current. The ability to successfully respond to any emergency depends on the cooperation and partnership among the various agencies. More than 20 entities participated in the exercise.

“Conducting a live exercise is a vital opportunity for all agencies to assess their response capabilities,” said Airports Director Jeff Mulder. “Ultimately, these exercises will result in a high level of emergency preparedness needed to coordinate the utilization of all resources and ensure the maximum safety of all airport users.”

In order to alleviate concerns of travelers arriving to and departing from during the drill, all airline personnel, airport employees and volunteers were briefed on the incident. The drill had no impact on routine airport operations.

Updated 06-24-2010

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