Tulsa Metro Chamber reacts to Hertz acquisition of Tulsa-based Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group

Commenting on the Hertz acquisition of Thrifty-Automotive Group, Tulsa Chamber of Commerce President and Mike Neal said, “Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group () has maintained a significant presence in Tulsa since launched in 1958. When Chrysler purchased Thrifty and Dollar more than 20 years ago, the low cost of doing business in Tulsa could not be matched. This remains true today. Tulsa maintains a competitive advantage with its highly-skilled workforce, low cost of living and support available to new and existing companies.

Tulsa is fortunate the region has served as DTAG’s headquarters since 1994. The Chamber applauds the work of DTAG’s , Scott Thompson, the leadership team and employees who have had great success in returning DTAG’s operations to profitability.

The company and its employees remained resilient through tough economic periods in early 2008 and more recently during protracted takeover attempts. Throughout these past few years and in recent weeks, the Chamber has supported leadership and its employees through active dialogue with company executives in an effort to assist with finding the best outcome for employees, investors and the Tulsa region.

The Chamber welcomes Hertz as a new corporate partner in Tulsa and will aggressively work to ensure the company’s integration plans result in positive protections for the Tulsa area workforce.

The employees of the rental car industry are a tremendous asset in the travel industry sector, which is closely aligned with the vital aviation and aerospace industry in the Tulsa region. These influential sectors make the Tulsa region a powerful competitor on a global scale. Dollar Thrifty currently provides $100 million in payroll to more than 780 employees in the Tulsa region and in local services outsourced. These direct jobs also support an additional 2,755 indirect jobs in the Northeast Oklahoma region.

Employees in the rental car industry have strong community involvement in the region. Through leadership service on the Chamber Board and partnership in Tulsa’s Future, the company has been an active partner in realizing the Chamber’s mission of growing new and retaining existing jobs in the Tulsa region. We anticipate this positive partnership will continue under the new ownership.

The Chamber looks forward to working with Hertz as the company integrates operations in Tulsa. We will assist Hertz leadership during the transition by reinforcing the retention of the highly-trained workforce.”

Updated 08-27-2012

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