Tulsa Police Release New Instructions Regarding Change to Collision Response

The following is a Tulsa Police Department public Service announcement regarding changes to the way police respond to collisions.

You have been involved in traffic collision- now what? 

When you are involved in a traffic collision, the first thing to do is assure 

that everyone involved has not been injured.  If there are injuries, 

immediately call 911.  If there are no injuries and it is safe to do so, attempt 

to move the vehicles out of the roadway as required by State Law. If there 

are no injuries but any vehicle cannot be moved, call 911. TIP: Record the 

Color, Make, Model and Tag number of all involved vehicles. 

After vehicles have been moved from the scene, now what? 

You are required by State Law to provide your information to any other 

involved party.  That information consists of: Name, Address, Telephone 

number of the driver, and current registered owner information including 

license plate number, vehicle identification number, and complete vehicle 

insurance information of the vehicle.  If an involved party does not provide 

or will not provide this information, call 911. If the other party leaves the 

scene without providing their information or they appear intoxicated, call 

911. TIP: Attempt to take photos of all vehicles and the scene  if it is safe to 

do so.  Capture the names and contact information for any witnesses. 

Do I call 911 to report a Collision? 

Call 911 anytime you are not sure and the 911 operator will give you further 

direction. Also call 911 in the following circumstances:   

1.There are injuries involved, 

2.There is a disturbance such as Road Rage or a Fight, 

3.A vehicle left the scene or it is a Hit & Run, 

4.A driver appears to be intoxicated or under the influence, 

5.A party does not have a valid driver’s license and/or insurance, 

6.The vehicles are creating a traffic hazard 

7.A party is not cooperating or will not provide their information 

If any of the above criteria are not met and you call 911, you will be given 

instructions on how to report the collision.  TIP: When in doubt, call 911.  

I have all of the other party’s information, now what? 

Drivers involved in a collision are required by ordinance to file a written 

report to the Police Department.  

You can go to the Tulsa Police Website at www.tulsapolice.org and print the 

Operator’s Traffic Collision Report Form.  Complete the form and mail it to: 

Tulsa Police Department 

Records Division 

600 Civic Center 

Tulsa, OK     74103 

Or you can drop the form off at any Tulsa Police location. 

The Operator’s Traffic Collision Report Form is also available at all local 

QuikTrip Locations and all Tulsa Police Divisions. 

A third option is call 596-9222 and the operator will collect your 

information.  A Telephone Report Officer will call you the next business 

day. TIP:  Notify you insurance provider of the collision as soon as 


How long will this change be in effect?  

Due to the recent manpower reductions within the Tulsa Police Department, 

this policy has been temporarily enacted to ensure Officers’ ability to 

respond to higher-priority emergency situations. At this time, it is projected 

that this policy will be re-evaluated as the Tulsa Police Department’s 

manpower level changes.  

If you have any questions, feel free to email the Tulsa Police Department at 

askacop@tpd.org .  

Updated 02-08-2010

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