Tulsa Recycling Contractor Due Improvement

City of Tulsa officials are seeking service improvements from the new recycling contractor for curbside pickup.

The City of Tulsa has been working with RR Waste Solutions, the Texas-based firm that took over the service on June 1, to solve problems and reduce customer complaints. The company has increased the number of trucks working the recycling routes from two trucks to three.

At a July 28 meeting of the Tulsa Authority for the Recovery of Energy, the non-profit board which oversees the refuse collection for the City of Tulsa, Board members voted to give the contractor two weeks to reduce by half the number of customer complaints. The Board will review the number of complaints at an Aug. 11 meeting, and may take action against the company at that time.

RR Waste Solutions signed a two-year contract to provide the service for the City’s 14,000 plus recycling customers.

Action at the August 11 meeting could include the assessment of fines for poor performance, or possibly even termination of contract. A contingency plan is being developed in the event that the contract is terminated

Updated 07-29-2010

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