Tulsa Residents Encouraged to Replant Trees

Tulsa Mayor


An important project for Tulsa that we can work together on, even after my term as mayor expires, is replanting the 20,000 trees lost in the December 2007 ice storm. You can help our regreen efforts by partnering with our partner, Up With Trees and sponsor a tree or a tree grove for our community or in honor of someone special.

We have planted almost 10,000 trees; however, 10,000 still remain to be planted. Thanks to a grant from the Tulsa Community Foundation, every dollar you give to Up with Trees for our ReGreen Tulsa program will be matched, so your contribution will be doubled!

So how can you help us with our Regreen efforts? There are many ways you can participate in the rebuilding of Tulsa’s tree canopy.

Make a Donation: The cost to buy, plant, water and care for a good-sized tree until it is fully established is about $300 per tree. That makes the total cost for Tulsa to plant 20,000 trees (10,000 trees planted by our partner, Up With Trees, and 10,000 planted by others) around $3 million, all of which is being raised through private donations. So far, thanks to the generosity of Tulsans, we have raised half of that amount. Let’s keep going!

Remember, ReGreen Tulsa is entirely funded through private, tax-deductible donations. Any donation, no matter how small, can help us pay for the cost of a tree. For information on where to send your tax-deductible donations, please read on to the end of this article, and the section, “How You Can Get Involved.”

Plant a Tree: You can plant a new tree in your backyard or work with a neighborhood, church, or youth group to raise funds and plant trees. Young children can plant seedlings as part of a ReGreen Tulsa tree education program.
Apply for NeighborWoods: If your neighborhood was heavily damaged in the ice storm, you can apply for volunteer help with tree planting through a model program called NeighborWoods, which offers trees and tree care education. Applications are made through the Up With Trees program (see the end of this article for their contact information).

Join us in the ReGreen Tulsa movement! The trees we are planting today will give us cleaner air and water, provide cooling shade, create habitat for birds and other wildlife, and will make Tulsa a healthier and more livable community. I appreciate your help in building a legacy that will benefit Tulsans for generations to come!

How You Can Get Involved:
• Volunteer Your Time to Plant a Tree. Call Mayor’s Action Center at (918) 596-2100
• Up With Trees: www.upwithtrees.org or 918-610-8733. Anna America, Executive Director, annaamerica@upwithtrees.org
• Plant a Tree. Find the right tree for your yard at www.regreentulsa.com
• Celebrate any occasion by responsibly planting a tree in your yard, then register it at ReGreen Tulsa to receive a ReGreen Tulsa E-Certificate of Recognition from the Mayor’s Office.
• For info/help, call Extension Office (Tulsa Master Gardeners) 4116 E. 15th St., Gate 6. Open Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (918) 746-3701, www.tulsamastergardners.org
• Donate Money to ReGreen Tulsa. Credit cards are accepted.
Donations must be designated ReGreen Tulsa and sent to Up With Trees, 1102 S. Boston Ave.

Updated 10-12-2009

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