Tulsa Rowers Win All Nine Races at Tulsa Duels

TULSA, Okla. –– The Tulsa women rowers dominated the competition at the Tulsa Duels on Saturday morning on the Verdigris River at the J. Bird Shell Nest in Catoosa. The Hurricane captured winning times in

“We had a great day of racing. It was nice to host a home regatta. We have traveled quite a bit, so it gave us time at home, and it was also nice for and to be able to race close to home in Oklahoma,” said Tulsa Rowing Coach Kevin Harris.

The day began with sculling events (rowers using two oars) beginning at 8 am, as the Tulsa “B” boat, with Carla Horne and Katie Holtvogt, captured the victory in the Open 2x race with a time of 7:21, outdistancing the Oklahoma City team’s time of 7:29. Tulsa “A” came in third place with a time of 8:02

The Lightweight 2x race was tight from start to finish as Susan Stangl and Heather Brooks in the Tulsa “A” boat claimed a two-second win over Oklahoma City, 7:36 to 7:38.

In the final sculling race of the day, the Tulsa “A” captured a four-second victory in the Open 4x over Oklahoma City with a time of 6:36 compared to the time of 6:40. The Tulsa “B” boat posted a time of 7:16.

The Hurricane continued its’ winning ways as the sweeping events (rowers using only one oar) began. Tulsa’s Novice 8 boat, coxed by Megan Melott, clocked a nine-second victory over Central Oklahoma with time of seven minutes and 7:09.

The Hurricane captured its’ fifth race title of the day in five events as Tulsa’s Varsity 8 boat, coxed by Rosie McCarthy, with a time of 6:12 claimed a four second victory over Oklahoma City (6:16).

Tulsa won the Varsity 4B, coxed by Natalie Hall, by clocking a time of 7:19, while the Central Oklahoma “B” boat finished wiht a time of 8:09.

The day of racing had some excitement, as the Varsity 8 Flight 2 race was interrupted by a barge 250 meters from the finish line. The Tulsa Lightweight 8 boat was declared the winner after holding a one-length lead over Tulsa Varsity 8 No. 2 boat and two lengths over Central Oklahoma.

In the final two races of the day, Tulsa won both races. In the Varsity 4A race, Tulsa clocked a time of 7:21 with coxswain Megan Melott, three seconds ahead of Central Oklahoma “A” time of 7:24. Oklahoma City finished in third place with a time of 7:42. In an added race and the final one of the day, the Tulsa Varsity-3 turned in a time of 7:07 and the Central Oklahoma Novice “B” boat clocked a time of 8:26.

“We had some challenges today, but I thought all the teams navigated the barge traffic and the little bit of wind that we had. Our Varsity 8 rode pretty well, but I thought all of our boats performed as well as could be expected,” said Harris. “I was glad to see sculling boats to get out there and get some good work in. We haven’t been on the water for the past two weeks, so it was good to see them work hard and win some races. Now we can take this and prepare for our regatta next week in Oak Ridge.”

The Tulsa rowers will compete at the Championships next weekend, April 17-18, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Tulsa will be back at home on the Verdigris River to host Creighton University in the Lawless Cup on Sunday, April 25th.

Open 2x
1. Tulsa B 7:21
2. Oklahoma City 7:29
3. Tulsa A 8:02

Lightweight 2x
1. Tulsa A 7:36
2. Oklahoma City 7:38
3. Tulsa B 9:46

Open 4x
1. Tulsa A 6:36
2. Oklahoma City 6:40
3 Tulsa B 7:16

Novice 8+
1. Tulsa 7:00
2. Central Oklahoma A 7:09

Varsity 8+
1. Tulsa 6:12
2. Oklahoma City 6:16

Varsity 4B+
1. Tulsa 7:19
2. Central Oklahoma B 8:09

Varsity 8+ Flight 2
(the race was interrupted by a barge 250 meters from the finish line)
1. Tulsa Lightweight 8 approx. 1 length lead
2. Tulsa 2-V8 approx. 1 length behind
2. Central Oklahoma approx. 2 lengths behind

Varsity 4+ A
1. Tulsa 7:21
2. Central Oklahoma A 7:24
3. Oklahoma City 7:42

Novice 8+
1. Tulsa Varsity-3 7:07
2. Central Oklahoma B 8:26

Updated 04-11-2010

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