Tulsa State Fair Features Impressive List of Performers


The Tulsa State Fair will feature musical talent from across the nation from Sept. 30 through Oct. 10 at Expo Square.

The talented American country music group, Gloriana, will be featured on the Oklahoma Stage during the event.

Founded in 2008, the group is comprised of brothers Tom and Mike Gossin as well as Rachel Reinert and Cheyenne Kimball. With the brothers beginning the band in Nashville, Reinert and Kimball soon joined them in order to create an incredible four-part harmony.

Recently, Gloriana has been noted in the top 15 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Song Chart. The group was also voted as the American Country Music Awards Top New Musical Group of 2010.

Since the release of the self-titled album last year, the group has toured alongside of Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean and Kellie Pickler to name a few.


The Tulsa State Fair will also feature one of the most popular musical groups in northeast Oklahoma, The Fabulous Mid-Life Crisis Band. In 1995, five Oklahoma natives with very successful careers revealed their true talents.

Musicians at heart, the five soon became seven individuals collaborating with one another to create perfect melodies.

The group enjoys performing classic rock and roll songs. Many of their performances are similar to those of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Also, a number of the songs performed are one hit wonders.

This year will mark the 15th anniversary of The Fabulous Mid-Life Crisis Band. Having made a mark on the area, the band hopes to continue to entertain fans for many years to come.

Members of the group include Charley Stewart, Carl Raynes, John Dougherty, Jim Stunkard, Steve Parkhurst, Marc Boyce and Hayden Burlingame.


The legendary Gary Puckett will perform alongside of the previous mentioned groups during the Tulsa State Fair.

Born in 1942, Puckett began singing at an early age and his talent became apparent while living in San Diego.

With the group titled Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, the performer created a number of unique songs that quickly found their way to the top of the Billboard Charts.

The rock and roll songs also often had pop influences, which created a performance that set itself apart from many other bands during the time. Further creating popularity, Puckett’s voice was said to be irreplaceable.

Throughout his career, Puckett earned six consecutive gold records. Puckett still enjoys performing today and continues to tour throughout the world. This year, he had the opportunity to tour Australia.


Gin Blossoms will also take the Oklahoma Stage by storm during the event. The group has created a list of fans from around the world and continues to tour and produce music on a full-time basis.

During the summer of 1993, the group had one of the most iconic songs of the time titled Hey Jealousy. The song instantly became popular and the band began to take off from that point.

Gin Blossoms was founded by longtime friends Bill Leen and Doug Hopkins after graduating from high school. The group steadily moved forward with determination and hard work into the music industry.

In 1996, the group was considered one of the top rock and roll bands in the nation. Their album reached number 10 on the Billboard’s Top 200 Charts and went platinum. They have shared the stage with Bryan Adams and Melissa Etheridge among many others.

Updated 09-29-2010

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