Tulsa State Fair Brought Talent

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The Tulsa State Fair featured a broad range of musical performances throughout the fairgrounds. Among the national and local performers, the event featured something for everyone’s musical interests.

Keith Anderson grew up in Oklahoma and returned home to perform during the Tulsa State Fair. Throughout school, Anderson became deeply involved in baseball and hoped to continue to play the sport professionally. Drafted, Anderson soon faced an injury that immediately ended his career in baseball. Though the game was now out of reach, the injury led him to a new passion of writing and singing country music. Only months after his first album was released, his charismatic songs caught the attention of countless fans that have tossed Anderson into the national spotlight.

Tulsan Grady Nichols is an internationally known saxophonist. Not only is Nichols talented as a musician, he also enjoys writing and producing music. Nichols has helped produce music for a variety of popular groups including the Jonas Brothers. Many of Nichols songs have a smooth jazz and pop sound to them. With such versatility in Nichols’ music, his fans are also very diverse ranging from very young to mature in age with a great range of musical preferences. Recently Nichols had the opportunity to perform on Norwegian Cruise Lines Smooth Jazz Cruise. The Tulsa State Fair handed center stage over to Nichols.

Candy Coburn was encouraged to sing at a young age by her grandmother. The two would share the mornings listening to gospel music and singing along with one another. Country music later captured Coburn’s imagination. The Tulsa State Fair provided the opportunity for visitors to enjoy Coburn’s unique voice and energetic performance.

The Tulsa State Fair also featured one of the most popular musical groups in northeast Oklahoma, The Fabulous Mid-Life Crisis Band. In 1995, five Oklahoma natives with very successful careers revealed their true talents. Musicians at heart, the five soon became seven individuals collaborating with one another to create perfect melodies. The group enjoys performing classic rock and roll songs. Members of the group include Charley Stewart, Carl Raynes, John Dougherty, Jim Stunkard, Steve Parkhurst, Marc Boyce and Hayden Burlingame.

Updated 10-11-2009

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