Tulsa State Fair Celebrates Final Day

SURPRISING FACES: The Tulsa State Fair will feature a number of exciting rides that are sure to surprise and thrill patrons.

Courtesy Tulsa State Fair

The fun and activities at the Fair go on one more day, says Expo Square Chairman Fred Perry, Expo Mark Andrus and Fair Manager Amanda Blair.

“With the new buildings such as the Exchange Center, Central Park Hall, the Quik Trip Center, the Pavilion and the Arena and barns, a good deal of the fair activities continue rain or shine,” Perry said.

“The Coke Stage in the Quik Trip Center has several exciting acts including De Anna Hypno Chic, an aerial act and a female escape artist. Chef Landry is getting a lot of attention as well. In the “Just for Kids’ building there are several acts on stage as well as other attractions such as Jay Jay the Jet Plane and Amazing Arthur to say nothing of a lot of fun things for kids to do” Blair says.

Andrus says, “While the midway may stop with rain, 25 acres under roof allows us to keep a good deal of the fair moving right along. In addition to the entertainment that Amanda mentioned, there are hundreds of booths and exhibits staffed with folks who want to sell their wares or interest you in their message.“

Ag Manager Brandi Herndon pointed out that the Ag events in the barns and arenas are not deterred by foul weather. See www.exposquare.com for detailed information and event times.

The Tulsa State Fair features new and exciting experiences for patrons through Oct. 11 at Expo Square. According to Blair, the new theme is “Flying High.”

Blair says patrons will enjoy this year’s fair. “We want to continue the tradition of the Tulsa State Fair while providing an event that brings a fresh approach through special attractions, fun food and exciting entertainment.”

Planning the Tulsa State Fair takes ingenuity and creativity. Blair explains, “The Tulsa State Fair staff works together as a team throughout the year. Planning sessions begin immediately after each fair commences. The Fair Team works very hard to think outside of the box in developing themes, solidifying special attractions and entertainment to ensure that we have a solid event that will exceed our patron’s expectations.”

One goal while planning the Tulsa State Fair is to create the best environment for vendors, which in turn creates the best environment for patrons. Blair is excited to share a big change with patrons this year that will bring them closer to their goal. “The new layout will have a more defined look and feel providing the opportunity to comfortably visit all areas of the complex and enjoy the entire Tulsa State Fair.”

This year, the Tulsa State Fair spreads throughout the fairgrounds and into every facility including the Exchange and QuikTrip Centers, Central Park Hall, Pavilion and the Built Ford Tough Livestock Complex.

There is be a variety of new and thrilling rides throughout the fairgrounds. Blair is looking forward to The Slingshot. “Patrons will be seemingly tossed into the air. It’s going to be an exciting ride.”

The Fishing Experience, provided by Blue Water Promotions, is one of the new and exciting educational exhibits at the Tulsa State Fair. The large aquarium allows kids to see into the underwater world and learn from the ways that fish react to bait. Following the event, all of the trout in the aquarium will be released into local waters.

There is a large variety of new foods to enjoy while patrons make their way through the fairgrounds. Spaghetti ice cream is featured and will surely bring a second glance from most patrons. Blair hopes that everyone will try the desert. “The ice cream is shaped like spaghetti noodles and the topping is strawberry sauce. What the Parmesan cheese would normally be is coconut.”

Two other unique foods that are sure to bring smiles this year will be kettle corn on a stick and Australian fries. “The Tulsa State Fair has traditional favorites like corndogs, funnel cakes, cotton candy and caramel apples,” adds Blair, who says she is most looking forward to the fried pickles with ranch.

One of the new ground exhibits this year is imaginative sand sculptures. Sand arrived two days before the event so that the artist had a great start for the very first patrons to see. The exhibit is located in Central Park Hall and offers fun for the entire family. Blair says, “Kids get to play in the sand on the perimeter while the artist is creating this magnificent piece of artwork. The artist is going to take our theme this year and incorporate all sorts of items whether it is planes, bees or hot air balloons.”

Advanced tickets are the best possible value for patrons. They are available at area QuikTrips, Reasor’s and Homelands. Tickets are four for $24. Advanced Ride Books are $10 and include 20 coupons. The Mega Ride Pass is a great option for adventure seekers. It is available for $60 through Oct. 1 and will then be priced at $65 beginning on Oct. 2. Advanced tickets will be offered through Sept. 28.

Updated 10-11-2009

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