Tulsa Street Maintenance Crews Patching Potholes and are Back to Normal Routes

After almost two weeks of working around the clock to remove snow from Tulsa streets, the City of Tulsa’s street maintenance crews resumed normal schedules this week and began patching potholes.

Two crews had been assigned to potholes earlier, in the final days of last week.

Potholes are a year-round problem, but usually increase dramatically after snow and ice storms and extremely cold weather. The freeze-and-thaw of moisture on and in the pavement enlarges cracks and accelerates the formation of potholes.

Citizens are encouraged to report potholes, especially larger or deeper potholes with the potential to cause damage to vehicles or create hazards for motorists. Potholes can be reported online by visiting the City’s website at www.cityoftulsa.org and clicking on the “Report A Problem” link and providing information about the pothole location. Potholes can also be reported by calling the Mayor’s Action Center at 596-2100.

Trash and recycling collection crews for the City of Tulsa and its contractors also resumed normal collection routes as of Monday.

Customers are advised to put out their trash containers and recyleables on their regularly-scheduled collection days. Refuse collection managers say they know some customers were missed last week because containers were covered with snow or frozen into snow, or because residential streets were still not passable. They said collection crews this week will collect anything that was missed on earlier routes.

Updated 02-15-2011

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