Tulsa Talons Making Prey of Everyone in Their Path

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HARRY LENTZ for GTR Newspapers

As the Tulsa Talons make a swath through their schedule, they continue to mount huge scores and unbelievable stats. Now past the midway mark, the Talons hold a steady No. 2 rank in the af2. The Spokane Shock are ranked No. 1 and have maintained this spot for 13 consecutive weeks. Look for a post-season clash between these two squads.

The Talon’s domination of their opponents is staggering. At press time, they have outscored their opponents 647-429. The Talons had 92 touchdowns in their first 10 games. They have over 3,000 yards of total offense with 96 percent of that coming through the air.

The usual suspects are leading the Talons’ stat categories. Quarterback Justin Allgood is about to overtake the 3,000 yards passing mark for the season. On the receiving end, Jeff Hughley leads the team with almost 1,300 yards and Zach Edwards is nearing 1,000 yards. Carlese Franklin is hot with over 600 yards total offense and 11 touchdowns.

This team is very exciting to watch. The Talons are so good that they are likely to score nearly every possession. Most of their scores come on long pass plays, but when in the red zone, the Talons score 80 percent of the time.

There are two more home games, July 11 verses Rio Grand Valley and on July 25, the Talons take on Amarillo. For more, visit www.tulsatalons.net

Updated 06-15-2009

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