Tulsa Tech Offers the Sweetest Holiday Gifts

Photo by Vanessa Aziere/Tulsa Tech
GOURMET GURU: Tulsa Tech Adjunct Instructor and Chef Sarah Leavell helps adult students create tasty confections in gourmet kitchens like this one at the Owasso Campus.

The smell of pumpkin spice, a turkey baking in the oven, friends and family gathering around the table, all signs the holidays are near. It also means that it is time to put together your shopping lists.
For many, the holidays mean spending a lot of money on gifts for everyone. This year, instead of a present for everyone in the office, how about you invest in yourself?
The kitchen is the heart of any home, and a culinary class is a great way to spend time with your friends while learning how to create some amazing food.
“In the class, I want to make you more confident and comfortable in your kitchen,” Chef Sarah Leavell, adjunct culinary instructor said. “The purpose is to send you home with a new skill.”
Billionaire investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett calls investing in yourself “the investment that supersedes all others.” Buffett often tells a story of spending $100 to attend a public speaking course. For less than that, and three hours of your time, our professional instructors can take you from a kitchen zero to a kitchen hero.
“What is great about these classes is the experience,” Jamie Dunn adjunct culinary instructor said. “When you are watching shows on Food Network you are just watching visually, but when you come here, you are engaged and actually doing it yourself.”
Our classes offer more than a sharpening of cooking skills this holiday season, they offer you peace of mind. Gone from your life is waiting in endless lines, and think of the money you can save. The National Retail Federation reports the average person spent more than $1,000 on gifts during the winter holidays in 2018, and over the past decade, total holiday sales grew nearly 40 percent to more than $700 billion. However, how many things from the mall come with a personal touch?
“I think that something fresh-baked or handmade is the best gift,” Leavell said. “There is nothing more personal, and it is just better than some store-bought baked goods.”
“When you make a gift for somebody it is personal and has a part of you in it,” Dunn added.
If you really want to wow your friends and family, there is no better way than with a new you. A quick search on Google for “how to improve my cooking skills” will show you results like “15 ways to improve your cooking” or a YouTube video to watch. Classes at Tulsa Tech offer you hands-on, real-world skills that will help save money and time planning and cooking, and are taught by trained chefs.
“These classes are a great place to start, you are going to get some professional skills,” Leavell said. “This is a great program to up your home cooking skills, or just get comfortable with a new ingredient.”
“Anytime you learn a new skill you have added to what your abilities are,” Dunn added. “When you invest in yourself by taking a cooking class, you are investing in others.”
Every year, our Adult Career Development instructors help nearly 12,000 Tulsans just like you. These evening and weekend classes are designed to fit your schedule and help you develop new skills, refresh an old one or ignite a new passion. So no matter what the class is you can learn the skills you need in a few hours or over the course of a few weeks.
“Classes here are an experience you will remember and you can go home and use,” Dunn said. “That is the key with these classes, it is something you can use.”
“I really enjoy teaching about food, because it is something I am passionate about being able to learn and grow is such a special thing,” Leavell added.
If you’re currently looking for exciting classes to help grow your culinary palate, Tulsa Tech invites you to visit today. For more information, call 918-828-5000 or visit us online at tulsatech.edu.