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MOVING TECHNOLOGY: Benjamin DePaz, a graduate of Tulsa Tech’s network systems administration course, currently works for NORLEM Technology Consulting, Inc., a Tulsa-based company, which helps clients develop IT infrastructure and maintain unified communications needs.

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If you’re excited about the prospect of ongoing opportunities to work with the emerging technologies that are currently transforming our world, Tulsa Tech’s Information Technology courses may be just right for you.

The world of information technology is fast-paced, ever-changing, and the industry offers students a dynamic and entrepreneurial working environment. Careers in IT encompass the design, development, support and management of hardware, software, multimedia and systems integration services.

Information Technology skills can lead successful students to well-paying work in almost every sector of the economy. Financial services, health care, environmental services, marketing, law enforcement and the entertainment industry are just a few of the areas dependent on cutting-edge, smooth-running IT services.

Benjamin DePaz, a recent graduate of Tulsa Tech’s network systems administration course, is just one example of student success and currently works for NORLEM Technology Consulting, Inc. NORLEM Technology is a Tulsa-based company, which helps clients develop IT infrastructure and maintain unified communications needs.

“NORLEM is a company that is consulted by different organizations to come out and set up networks and servers for their different locations,” DePaz explains. “They also provide on-site support for workstations and servers as needed. Their customer base is primarily in Tulsa but they also have several clients located in other states.”

DePaz believes the training he received as a student not only helped him find a great job but ultimately will help him advance in his career as an IT professional.

“I started off as a support person at a help desk and also worked as a network technician,” DePaz says. “My current position at NORLEM is a really good job, a position which will provide me with a large amount of experience and enable me to pursue my ultimate career goal of being a Network Engineer.”

Rod Simmons, Tulsa Tech’s network systems administration instructor, says students like DePaz have many options after completing the class.

“Our curriculum begins with network fundamentals, along with client operating systems and Linux,” Simmons explains. “After that, everything we cover is official Microsoft Academic Courseware, and our goal is for each student to succeed as they take the various Microsoft certification exams.”

Even though the course was challenging at times, DePaz gives credit to his instructor for helping him overcome some of the higher hurdles he encountered as a student.

“I’d like to thank Mr. Simmons for everything he did for me,” DePaz says. “I would not have made it this far without all of the knowledge that I gained in his class. I also appreciate his belief in me and his ability to keep me on track even when things were kind of rough.”

Students who are interested in an IT career should have an aptitude for math and science and realize that this career path will challenge successful graduates to continually research and master the latest advancements and innovations.

In addition to network systems administrator courses, the information technology classes at Tulsa Tech include a wide range of topics such as CISCO Certified Network Training, Cyber Security/Forensics, Web Programming, Digital Media and 3-D Design.

If you’re currently looking for exciting classes for high school and adult students, quality business and industry training, or information about a new technology career, Tulsa Tech invites you to visit today. For more information, please call 918-828-5200 or visit us online at tulsatech.edu.

Updated 11-14-2011

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