Tulsa Tech’s Five Success Centers Offer E2020


GEARING UP: Both high school and adult students take advantage of one of the five Tulsa Tech Success Centers located in the metro area.

Courtesy Tulsa Tech

For high school students who want to catch up on credits or graduate early and adults who need career advisement, job search assistance or a , there is an answer at Tulsa Tech. Even middle school students who want to strengthen basic skills can benefit from the personalized services and E2020 virtual software.

E2020 is an affordable, engaging curriculum in a computerized learning lab with over 50 online high school courses that include , and test preparation. It is a blended model of actual and virtual instruction since each Success Center is staffed with two highly qualified teachers and a school counselor for personal assistance and guidance.

Each student has a virtual instructor who serves as a personal online tutor. Students watch lively video lectures, which are supplemented by homework assignments, internet-based research, note-taking by hand or on the computer, 10-question quizzes, topic tests and cumulative tests with feedback on their progress provided throughout the entire process.

This summer, Tulsa Tech’s five Success Centers averaged a total of 180 students a day. The majority of students worked on courses for credit recovery or credit advancement. The E2020 options bring students success where many had only experienced failure. All students move at their own pace.

“This innovative method of instruction is very exciting for our students,” explains Kori Orr, an E2020 instructor at Tulsa Tech’s Peoria campus. “The internet-based program allows students to work from our lab here at Tulsa Tech, or from home, any time. The self-paced course uses diagnostic testing to identify what students already know, and tailors their course based on what they need to learn.”

Orr says some adult students have a bit of a technology hurdle to overcome, but it happens quickly. What do the students say? “It’s all positive,” Orr says excitedly. “Because E2020 is self-paced, students determine if they get it or not. They’re not going to move forward if they don’t get it.”

Orr loves watching the students excel. “I have one student this summer who had flunked 9th grade Pre-Algebra in a class with 30 kids. Now he’s got a B-average because he is focused. He has his headphones on, he’s getting individualized instruction, he can go at his own pace. It absolutely works!”

Enrollment for the fall begins August 31st at every Tulsa Tech Success Center: Peoria, Broken Arrow, Riverside, Lemley and the newest location in Sand Springs. Beginning Sept. 7, Success Centers will be open Monday through Thursday from 4 to 9 p.m. Maps and driving directions to each site can be found at www.tulsatech.edu.

All programs are provided at no charge for students with demonstrated economic need. All preparation is free. Credit advancement courses cost $125 per semester or half credit. /SAT prep and general skills remediation cost $25 per month. Job search assistance, including resume development, is free.

If you are currently looking for exciting career training offered free to qualified high school students and with affordable tuition for adults, Tulsa Tech invites you to visit today.

For more information, please call (918) 828-5200 or visit us online at www.tulsatech.edu.

Updated 09-16-2010

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