Tulsa Transit and City of Tulsa Showcase First Completed For the Aero Bus Rapid Transit

Courtesy City of Tulsa

Tulsa Transit and the City of Tulsa showcased the first completed station for the new Aero Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system Aug. 26 at the Peoria and Apache location.
The first Aero station shelter and marker installation is now complete.  Work has been ongoing the past several months on construction. 
The Aero BRT buses will provide enhanced bus service along Peoria Avenue from 54th Street North to 81st Street South, reducing travel times and providing a high level of passenger amenities.  Aero BRT service is scheduled to launch in late fall 2019.
The Aero BRT will feature modern buses and comfortable stations, with service along Peoria Avenue every 15 minutes on weekdays and every 20-30 minutes on weekends. Amenities at each station will include real-time arrival signs, sheltered seating, bicycle racks, level boarding, onboard WiFi and real-time arrival signs.