Tulsa World of Gymnastics Celebrates 35 Years

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GREAT TEAM: Tulsa World of Gymnastics owner and founder Linda Bradshaw with her husband Wayne Bradshaw at their successful facility.


The Tulsa World of Gymnastics is celebrating its 35th birthday this year. Owner Linda Bradshaw says about the Tulsa World of Gymnastic’s 35th milestone, “It feels great to be 35! I was 34 years old when our gym opened 1976 and to see the growth we’ve achieved over the years, the wonderful relationships we’ve built with kids and their parents, and to be able to see how our students have moved on so successfully in life is so gratifying. This is a very special time for us.”

Reflecting on the over three decades in business, Bradshaw says, “Over the years I’ve looked at our successes and it’s clear that they are a direct result of our dedicated and wonderful staff, and the endorsement that parents give us. Without parents’ consistent endorsement of our success over the years we wouldn’t still be in business.”

Recounting a major milestone in the gym’s history, Bradshaw says, “Back in 1993, I was trying to buy a larger facility that had air conditioning. I was $30,000 short. I called a parent meeting and explained the situation. The next day I had $30,000 in checks from parents on my desk.” She continues, “These parents know who they are, and hopefully how much I appreciate their support. They’ve played such an important role in the growth and success of Tulsa World of Gymnastics. The support we have received over the years is just amazing.”

Bradshaw says, “Tulsa World of Gymnastics offers something for everyone, and I love coming in here every day. Children never change. They want to play and have fun and learn. And parents want us to continue to work with kids because they see the tremendous benefits, both physically and the life lessons they learn.” When asked about the most important lessons children learn, Bradshaw says, “Our students learn to persist, to keep trying and to reach goals. They learn the value of self discipline and hard work, and they learn to apply this in other areas of their lives.” She gives the example of a former law student who credits her years as a student at Tulsa World of Gymnastics as the reason she was able to pass the Bar Exam. Bradshaw explains, “She said that the persistence she developed in gymnastics is what got her through it.”

Tulsa World of Gymnastics is an ideal place for kids to get fit, stay fit and to learn the life lessons that will enable them to be successful in the future. The state-of-the-art facility has a main gym, a Kinder-Lites gym for younger children, a complimentary fitness facility for parents to work out during their kids lessons, a sibling play area and a pro shop.

There are a variety of get fit opportunities for parents and babies, including the toddler’s Perpetual Motion program, Kinder Lites for three to five year olds, age appropriate developmental programs, all levels of gymnastics, a competitive team, and classes for special needs.

Looking to the future, Bradshaw says, “There is so much we can accomplish, and an important priority is getting more kids in shape. The rise in childhood obesity in this country is alarming. Parents need to ensure that their kids get the physical exercise they need.”

Gymnastics is an ideal option because it involves such a variety of different movements, strength, coordination and agility. In fact, says Bradshaw, studies have shown that the type of physical movement required by gymnastics provides brain stimulation due to the type of movement it involves.

“Children are our future,” says Bradshaw, “and we need to make sure we provide them what they need to succeed, including good physical health. They can get this, and learn important life lessons and skills at Tulsa World of Gymnastics in a fun, positive, and dynamic atmosphere. I encourage everyone to visit us and see what a positive difference our programs can make.”

Tulsa World of Gymnastics is located at 7020 E. 38th St. For more information, visit tulsagymnastics.com.

Updated 11-14-2011

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