Tulsa Zoo Holds Educational Elebration

SQEEKY CLEAN: Elephants at the Tulsa Zoo enjoyed bath demonstrations during the annual Elebration


The Annual Elebration was held at the Tulsa Zoo recently as all things elephant were celebrated. Guests had the opportunity to meet Tulsa’s very own elephant herd and learn all about the fascinating creatures with fun activities.

Children learned about elephants from the tip of their trunk to the bottom of their feet at the Pavillion. Mammoth missions were created for guests to participate in. Those that completed them all earned their very own elephant ears.

And no Elebration would be complete without catching an awesome elephant demonstration. The elephant yard was decked out with enrichment for the elephants to enjoy. They even got squeaky clean with a special bath time elephant demonstration.

Home to three elephants, the Tulsa Zoo has been committed to elephant conservation for more than 50 years. One of the oldest elephants in the nation, Gunda, came to Tulsa in 1954 and will be 61 years old this year.

The artistic Sooky is 38 years old and enjoys spending time holding her paintbrush and creating masterpieces.

Sneezy, our proud new papa became a father this spring to Oklahoma City’s newest resident, baby Malee. Not only is Elebration an exciting time for Tulsans, but also it brings awareness about efforts to promote elephant conservation.

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Updated 10-03-2011

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