Tulsa Habitat for Humanity Breaks Ground on MLK Day

East Tulsa Dodge Dealer Yvonne Hovell came to Tulsa Habitat for Humanity in 2005 wanting to be involved in providing affordable housing in Tulsa. She felt she had been blessed and wanted to give back to others.

When she donated $20,000, which was one-half the cost of building a house, Habitat for Humanity knew the right partner would be found to build a house in 2006.

In the fall of 2005, the University of Tulsa Campus Chapter had raised half of the amount needed to find a house building partner and that is when the idea of making a homeowner’s dream come true began to germinate, Rhonda and Rickey Jamison, a Habitat partner family, and their children were accepted into the Habitat program and after a few months Rhonda approached Habitat with a desire to honor Martin Luther King with a “Building on the Dream House.” This is a homebuilding program that Habitat International began a number of years ago.

The Jamisons were very happy that these two sponsors could come together for the possibility of this home.

Hovell says, “What could honor Dr. King more fully than the chance for diverse young people from all over the United States who attend TU to join together in a project to help a deserving family in need. Not only will the TU chapter be involved but the Association for Black Collegians will be part of the building team as well as other campus groups such as the rowing team.

Hovell of East Tulsa Dodge is not only providing half the funding but is also serving as a role model for these students that with success comes a responsibility to give back to one’s community.

Updated 01-23-2006

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