Tulsa’s Gathering Place Receives International Attention with TIME Magazine’s Top 100 Honor

TIME magazine has named Tulsa’s Gathering Place one of the world’s top 100 places to visit in its Sept. 2, 2019 issue.
In compiling the list, the following is from TIME: “How does one measure the greatness of a place—in miles covered, dollars spent, or visitors captivated? Such metrics can play a part, but also important is something that many travelers aspire to experience: the sense that one has stumbled upon the extraordinary.
“To compile our second annual list of the World’s Greatest Places, TIME solicited nominations across a variety of categories—including museums, parks, restaurants and hotels—from our editors and correspondents around the world as well as industry experts. Then we evaluated each one based on key factors, including quality, originality, sustainability, innovation and influence.

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BRINGING CULTURES TOGETHER: An example of bringing cultures together at the Gathering Place was La Fiesta de Tulsa held July 26. Latino and Hispanic cultures were among those attending the event that hosted festive music, dance, art, activities, food and drink. Guests were entertained by live music performed by local and national talent, including international music sensation Diana Reyes. Other performers included Proyecto Insomnio, La Gozadera Band, Tonatiuh Dance Co., Baila Tulsa and more.

“The result: 100 new and newly noteworthy destinations to experience right now, from America’s hottest hometown pizzeria to a Tokyo museum bringing digital art to life.”
Associate Partnerships Editor Wilder Davies writes in part, “When the philanthropist George B. Kaiser spearheaded the creation of this $465 million green space on Tulsa’s waterfront, he hoped to help unite the city. The 66-acre park, which is open to the public for free, includes playgrounds, gardens, a skate park, a BMX track, a concert venue and a number of restaurants. It also hosts a variety of public programming, from Zumba classes to family nature walks, furnished by a $100 million endowment. Designers also prioritized accessibility: the park is built to be ADA-­compliant, and there are desensitization areas for individuals on the autism spectrum.” 
A few examples on the TIME list include the Camp Adventure in Ronnede, Denmark, the Mori Digital Art Museum in Tokyo, Japan, and the Star Wars: Galaxy Edge at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.
Gathering Place literature notes that the facility was voted USA Today’s Best New Attraction of 2019. Gathering Place is funded by a combination of more than 80 corporate and philanthropic organizations. Construction began in September 2014 and Phase I (66.5 acres) opened in September 2018. Renowned landscape architect firm Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates designed the unique Park with input from the community. When Phase II and III are completed, the footprint of Gathering Place will be 100 acres.

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