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SCOOTER MANAGER: Sacha Wycoff at the Tulsa Scooter store on 15th Street.

Tulsa Scooters is a unique store, located west of Harvard on 15th Street. It is the only scooters shop in the entire Green Country. The owner David Wycoff and his daughter, a manager, Sacha Wycoff, help Tulsans to discover a passion for riding.

The store offers different kinds of scooters, such as vintage, electrostyle, sporty, small and big, for adults and children, and various colors. The scooters are manufactured by famous companies – Kymco, Bajaj, TN’G, CF Moto, Stella, PTV’s, etc. A customer can also find helmets, wheels, t-shirts, stickers, and accessories in the store. “We have anything for the scooter rider,” Sacha Wycoff says.

Tulsa Scooters is not simply a store, it is almost a club. They invite everybody to join their regular Thursday evening scooter ride. “We meet at Tulsa Scooters and ride for about 30-45 minutes and try to end up somewhere to get something to eat,” Sacha describes. Usually 2-12 people come to such meetings every Thusday. It is interesting, that Sacha, her father and her husband are scooter riders. It is not just a family business; it is a family hobby.

Once a year, Tulsa Scooters organizes a rally. This year, there were about 50 participants in the rally. One group rode in Stroud, and another group rode in Osage County. One group was for small bikes and another–for big bikes. After the rally, everybody was invited to the Tulsa Scooters store to enjoy food, drinks and music of a band, which arrived for that special occasion. Each participant also received a memorable t-shirt.

The manager of Tulsa Scooters, Sacha Wycoff, is a sweet, smart and sociable person. She and her family are welcoming everybody to their store and events where one can meet friends who will be delighted to converse on different subjects, such as travelling, church, family, art, and, of course, riding. E-mail Sacha with your questions and thoughts at sacha@tulsascooters.com

Tulsa Scooters is at 3024 E. 15th street, telephone 747-2668, fax 747-4633. www.tulsascooters.com.

Updated 09-28-2005

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