Tulsa Talons ManagementDiscusses New Season

The following contains remarks from the Tulsa Talons press conference on Tuesday, Nov. 10 at Flavors Restaurant, the day that David Alexander was announced as the head coach.

Owner Henry Primeaux: “We know Tulsa has been anticipating the announcement of our new head coach; however, we have other exciting news to share with you first. After talking with the Mayor, we have committed to a long-term agreement on staying in Tulsa and playing in the new arena when it arrives.???

Owner Paul Ross: “After reviewing over 26 resumes, Henry and I talked things over and were looking for an individual who could lead the Talons forward. Together we decided on David Alexander because he was not only a resident of Tulsa, which is very important, but because last season he gave a lot of support to the coaching staff.???

Primeaux: “We are very excited about this upcoming season. We will be playing three teams from California home and away. This gives the Talons’ fans a chance to see other teams in the af2, instead of the same ones every year. We will also be having a pre-season game against Australia.???

Head Coach Dave Alexander: “This is going to be an exciting and fun season. I am thrilled because I am getting to do something I know how to do…coach football. One of our goals, as a coaching staff, is to get players that Tulsa can relate to. For example, Josh McMillan, Corky Martin and Shan Jordan, whom are all returning. We are also trying to get local players like Chris Massey.???

Media: “Who will be taking over as the Talons’ general manager????
Alexander: “I am going to be sharing the general manager duties with the Offensive Coordinator, Mitch Allner.???

Mitch Allner: “I am extremely excited about coaching with David Alexander. I grew up watching Dave in the and now we get to share our ideas and strategies. We are aggressively recruiting players from around the country to have a successful team for Tulsa.???

Media: “Do you think you will be successful with the transition of coaching an af2 team????

Alexander: “The game is still a football game…passing, blocking, tackling. I have a lot to learn about coverages like three-on-three and zone. I am excited about getting back to the basics of football like the X’s and the O’s and about practices. I plan on learning a lot from Coach Allner.???

Media: “What made you want to be, or think about becoming an af2 coach????

Alexander: “I was a student of the game when I played. Last season I sat in on a lot of (Talons) practices and film sessions, watching and learning from the coaches. It is still football. The only difference is, there are padded walls and the field is half the size.???

Updated 01-14-2005

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