TYPros Has Productive Year

LEADERSHIP TEAM: The 2014 TYPros Leadership Team gathered for the first retreat of the year. Members present, from left, back row to the front, are Daniel Regan, Nick Karlovich, Eric Pollard, Stacy Robinson, Dillon Waters, Isaac Rocha, Camille Nassar, Stephanie Cameron, Emily Webb, Hillary Parkhurst, Jessica Woollard, Vanessa Thompson, Dezeray Edwards, Ryan McDaniel, Bianca Townsend, Kasey St. John, Jen Alden and Caroline Guerra.

Courtesy TYPros

With another year end, we would be remiss if we didn’t say how incredibly fortunate Tulsa is to have such an active, engaged and passionate organization of young professionals who volunteer thousands of hours to make sure our city is a place where people will want to live, work and play.

As you will see from the highlights listed below, it was a busy but productive eighth year for our organization, ros. In 2013, our Chair Hillary Parkhurst placed a heavy emphasis on the importance of volunteering and making a positive impact in the community. With more than 80 events and opportunities for young professionals to do just that, engage in our great city, you can see that we are staying true to our mission to attract and retain young talent in the Tulsa region while also establishing the next generation of business and community leaders. The many successes of our organization are listed below.

But the momentum continues in 2014. Under the leadership of new Chair Isaac Rocha, our organization hopes to take Tulsa to the next level. Tulsa has a lot going for it. We have the right groundwork to retain and attract young talent regionally. We have a booming downtown and thriving Brady Arts District, paired with a rich culture and history. We’ve been ranked as the No. 1 city for young entrepreneurs by Forbes, and we can see the entrepreneurial landscape quickly changing with energy and commitment from local community leaders. Tulsa has also been named one of the most livable cities in the country, providing the critical components to make Tulsa an economically affordable place to live, work and play.

Our leadership team consists of 19 talented trailblazers who have already been planning and working for the year ahead. ros has made a commitment to advocate for public transit, a strong urban core and the inclusion of diversity. We have an entire initiative dedicated to arts and entertainment. We support and create opportunities with economic development, including our Bring it to Tulsa campaign that most recently focused on digital-based driving service Uber. We will continue our support of entrepreneurship with our ever-evolving business incubator, The Forge. Lastly, we provide many networking opportunities and foster young leaders each year. For example, our Board Intern Program will be placing more than 100 board interns with nonprofits across the city this year.

And, we could not do any of this without your support. Thank you for all that you do to make Tulsa a great city. Here’s to another fantastic year!

Shagah Zakerion
Executive Director
Tulsa’s Young Professionals

Updated 01-27-2014

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