‘Unbelievable’ Ref Ejects Tulsa’s Danny Manning


Tulsa’s mild-mannered basketball coach and former great Danny Manning was ejected from the Tulsa-Maryland road game Dec. 29 by controversial referee Karl Hess. Apparently, from press reports, Manning was ejected for saying the word “unbelievable.”

Hess has a reputation for strange calls during basketball games. He has ejected fans from the stands. He once ejected N.C. State legends Tom Gugliotta and Chris Corchiani for heckling him. According to press reports, this year Hess managed to line up UConn and Marquette facing the wrong direction at the start of overtime, incorrectly disallowing a UConn basket in a game Marquette would go on to win.

He once gave Louisville’s Rick Pitino a technical for yelling at one of his players. In a Final Four assignment last season with Louisville–Wichita State, Wichita ran up a 12-point lead with great defense and solid execution on the press break. But just when things looked really bad for the Cardinals, they made their run. According to press reports, Hess called a bizarre double foul on Louisville’s Stephan Van Treese and Wichita’s Ron Baker after it looked like Van Treese hit Baker in the face. That changed the possession arrow and set the stage for a Hess jump-ball call with six seconds left. Wichita watched Louisville’s Russ Smith seal the game from the line. It is said that the Twitterverse went wild.

Updated 01-28-2014

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