Union Names 75 Senior Academic Scholars

Seventy-five Union High School seniors have been named Oklahoma Academic Scholars by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.
The purpose of the Oklahoma Academic Scholar program is to recognize the outstanding academic achievement of graduating seniors. Oklahoma Academic Scholars will receive a certificate of recognition from the State Board of Education and Union, a gold seal affixed to their diploma, and the honor will be recorded on their official transcript.
To be named an Oklahoma Academic Scholar, seniors must:
Accumulate over Grades 9, 10, 11 and the first semester of Grade 12, a minimum grade point average of 3.7 on a 4.0 scale or be in the top 10 percent of their graduation class.
Complete (or will complete) the curricular requirements for a standard diploma.
Achieve a 27 composite score on the ACT or 1220 combined reading and mathematics score on the SAT. The ACT or SAT must have been taken on a national test date or a state-administered test date. For students with documented disabilities requiring testing accommodations not available on a national or state administration date, a qualifying score on the ACT or SAT may be demonstrated using alternate administration dates.
Union seniors named Oklahoma Academic Scholars include: Madeline Addis, Isabel Agadagba, Zubair Azaz, Olivia Bacon, Emily Barber, Derek Bateman, Corinne Bell, Hannah Benson Hidalgo, Breann Borlay, Aaron Boyington, Nathaniel Bremer, Blake Brown, Jayla Burgess, Nieava Carrera, Ana Cherry, Justin Chong, Keaton Cissell, Amy Commer, Jared Crawford, Shaneya Dable, Trent DeSmet, Jorge Escalera, Alexander Etchison, Joshua Fridrich, Kaytlyn Green, Alisa Grigorieva, Tiffany Guo, Olivia Hampton, Jorge Henao, Annslee Hiatt, Luka Horvat, Chloe Humphrey, Anika Jallipalli, Sarah Jarvis, Kathryn Kay, Muhammad Khan, Justin Kim, Ethan Kleine, Keegan Knouse, Nikhila Kunderu, Eric Landin, Danny Li, Jacob Lieberman, Alan Liu, Emily Long, Trinity McMahon, Anna McMullen, Shannon Leigh McPhee, Mason Mecke, Jamie Meyer, Alexander Moyer, Courtney Moyer, Thu Nguyen, Sydney Painter, Cassidy Prag, Caroline Pruitt, Melissa Ramirez, Kyle Shanahan, Anna Smith, Matt Spriggs, Jacob Stewart, Ilse Tarango Pacheco, Morgan Tate, Nathan Thompson, Hunter Thornton, Eric Uerling, Jeremiah Underwood, Nadesh Vaithianathan, Riley Walker, Ashley Welch, Coleton Wheeler Jasmyne Wheeler, Tulsano Wibisono, Zachary Xu, and Allison Zhang.