Union Students Reflect, Look Forward

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POSITIVE CHANGES: Pausing in between classes at Union High School are from left, Sheyda Zakerion, Amanda Haberman, James Winham and Will Baxter.


As seniors graduate in May, many are finalizing plans to take a step forward while looking back on the memories that they have made while attending Union High School.

From their first day of class to their last, the students have had the opportunity to watch the school grow and change. “One of the biggest changes that I have noticed from my freshman to senior year has been the increased involvement of students in classes and activities. So many students want to focus of academics and then take part in the organizations that are offered at Union High School,” says James Winham.

Seniors have had the opportunity to attend a large variety of events at Union High School over the last couple of years. “Students have set records for attendance to almost every event this year, which is a big change from how it used to be to now. I think that everyone has realized that the events are a lot of fun to go to and a good memory to look back on,” adds Will Baxter, a senior at Union.

Although only a junior, Sheyda Zakerion has enjoyed learning from current seniors and is appreciative of the marks that they have left on the school. “Seniors have worked really hard this year to make events fun and exciting for everyone who attend. There have been a lot of great ideas that have been formed by them and as a junior, I can’t wait until next year when I can impact the school in a similar way.”

With such a respected athletic program at Union, seniors have had the opportunity to take their teams to the next level by bringing home a variety of titles over the last couple of years. Senior Amanda Haberman explains, “One of the most exciting accomplishments was taking the state championship in football for the second year in a row. Our coach has really led our team since we have been at Union. I think that Coach Fridrich has been a really good role model for everyone and always encourages us to have a good attitude no matter what.”

Seniors have not only experienced changes in student involvement and sports but have also enjoyed taking new classes that are offered at Union. Winham has especially enjoyed taking Human Geography, which is one of the most popular new classes this year. “It is a “Why” class. Students learn really interesting things such as why we live in the places that we do and why certain things happened in history. It is one of my favorite classes that I have ever taken.”

One of the most helpful programs to current seniors has been the Union Collegiate Academy. Haberman feels that the has brought a great opportunity to students. “The program encourages students to make plans to attend college. The teacher helps them find financial aid and scholarships. Seniors also are given the opportunity to explore different professional fields to get an idea of what they might like to study in college.”

Updated 05-17-2010

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