Union’s ‘Parents as Teachers’ Get Boost

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Dr. Jason Hamad, far right in the photo, of Ungerland Chiropractic Clinic, not only helps heal his patients but also gives his time and financial help to those in need. Hamad recently donated $150 to the Teen Parents as Teachers program for diapers. He is also planning a children’s board book donation drive at his practice starting Dec. 1. Hamad, a recent transplant from upstate New York, came to know about Union Schools through Union teacher Melissa Lord, whom he met at the Staples Teacher Appreciation Day in August 2003. Last year, he spoke to her class during Career Day and then donated $300–$400 worth of prizes to the Union Alternative High School Prom. He and an associate, Dr. Whitney Galt, gave microwaves, dish sets, Wal-Mart cards, Blockbuster cards, gas cards, and fast-food restaurant gift certificates for the event. Hamad and the rest of the Ungerland Chiropractic Group will be moving into their new facility at 91st and Memorial in January 2005. Hamad is pictured with Union’s PAT coordinator, Cathy Duke, left, along with Alternative School principal Richard Storm and Union teen parent Candice Lockett.

Updated 11-24-2004

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