U. of Phoenix Offers New MBA

The University of Phoenix, the largest accredited private university in the country, announced a new degree program that has recently launched at its Tulsa campus. UOP’s new MBA Program is founded on the concept of problem-based learning, which will offer prospective students a very unique educational experience. The MBA degree program entails 39 hours and is offered with specializations ranging from marketing to public administration to health care management.

“This is a very exciting degree program and we’re pleased to be able to offer this to students,” said Lori Santiago, vice president and director of the University of Phoenix’s Oklahoma campuses. “In developing the curriculum, we talked with numerous leaders of Fortune 1000 companies and asked them for 20 significant issues that are typically faced by senior leaders. Each course in the program will include two problem scenarios. Students will use a nine-step problem-solving model to come up with a solution. This unique learning experience will allow students to utilize their skills in analyzing a problem and coming up with a solution that they can defend,” Santiago added.

Santiago said that the MBA program incorporates skills identified by Fortune 1000 executives as the most desired when they are evaluating new hires. “Creative problem-solving is a skill that is becoming more desirable in today’s global marketplace,” Santiago said. “We believe UOP’s unique approach to this through its MBA program can equip students with the skills they need to succeed in today’s workplace.” If interested in enrolling in this degree program, call the University of Phoenix’s Tulsa campus at ( 918) 622.4877.

Updated 08-20-2005

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