Urban Planners Turn to Smart Growth

COMMUNITY CONSTRUCTION: Smart Growth is a concept that will change the way communities are formed. The Village on Main will lead the way for Smart Growth in Jenks.

Courtesy of the Village on Main

Smart Growth is a long-term perspective, method and goal for managing the growth of a community. The concept helps urban planners utilize a limited amount of land in the most efficient way possible and inclines the development toward a visualization of what a community should be as a goal for growth rather than proscribing a collection of rules and constraints.

Modern smart growth is town-centered, pedestrian-oriented and encompasses a mix of housing, commercial and retail uses. The most valuable strategy for implementing smart growth is New Urbanism, which is design-focused on building human-scaled, walkable communities.

New Urbanism is about access and connectivity ? the ability to get to the places of daily life and conveniences without driving in a car. While the model features the word ?new,? this type of development is actually restoring the ?sense of place? that communities once contained.

Jenks will lead the area in Smart Growth with the development of the Village on Main.

Updated 06-15-2009

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