Valentine Hero or Valentine Zero?

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Valentines Day is right around the corner and millions of women all over the world will be holding their breath waiting to see if their man passes the V-Day test. What, you’ve never heard of the V-Day test? Well, I’ll let you in on one of the many secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

There are multitudes of tests we girls have to decide if you’re the right one or at least the one for right now: the massage test, the kissing test, the flower test (in addition to others that I will leave to your imagination) and of course the V-Day test.
The first Valentines is probably the hardest especially if you haven’t gotten to the commitment stage of the relationship. If this is your first February holiday together be careful not to get too extravagant. You’ll be expected to upgrade each year. Whatever the stage you are in, here are some steps you can follow to help plateau you to hero status.

First, conserve the cocoa and save the flowers. Give the red roses and box of chocolates to your mother or grandmother. If you’re going to buy flowers try lilies or orchids or something exotic. Find out what her favorite flowers are. Better yet, think about your girl and then go to a floral market and do some research. Look at the different types of plants and flowers. What type does she remind you of? Although sometimes we women say, “don’t buy flowers they just die,” we do actually love to get flowers but not just for Valentines Day.

Flowers are special for no reason at all and not the generic red rose. We would rather have wildflowers handpicked by you at the side of the road, given to us with a poem or handwritten letter (it’s not our fault Cinderella was read to us once too often at bedtime) or a bathtub full of roses followed by a home cooked candlelit dinner.

Get creative! Make a coupon book on the computer for all the things she likes to do or ways she likes to be pampered, such as a picnic, massage, day of shopping or night of dancing. Or let someone else be imaginative for you.

Lots of local businesses have a variety of fabulous packages designed specifically for you to not have to waste valuable brainpower. At Isabella’s we offer everything from style makeovers and custom jewelry design to one-of-a-kind custom packages created just for you.

Remember, romance is the key and you don’t have to get low on the green for it either. Talk, listen or just look in her eyes. Make her the center of your world for a day, night or even a few hours. Follow a few of these guylines (oh sorry, guidelines) and this V-day will be sure to be one you’ll never disremember.

Kim Abdo is the owner of Isabellas, an upscale fashion store located in Tulsa’s Brookside on 35th Street just east of Peoria Avenue. The phone number is 744-9100.

Updated 01-23-2007

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