Vision Tulsa Project Timeline Unveiled

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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Mayor G.T. Bynum, city councilors, and community and business leaders announce the funding timeline for Vision Tulsa economic development projects in January.

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In January, Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum announced the funding timeline for the Vision Tulsa economic development projects, with 26 of the 37 projects planned to be funded completely by 2022. Five additional projects will receive annual appropriations throughout the 15-year program.

“We determined the ideal timelines for these projects,” said City Councilor Anna America. “We know that the value of the dollar will change over time, so getting these things started and completed as soon as possible is being good stewards of taxpayers’ money.”

Because the project timeline is based on currently available information, minor changes may be required depending on shifts in projects coming online, city revenue collections and other considerations as the planning process continues, according to the City of Tulsa’s official press release.

“We knew that it was important to get this going quickly so that Tulsans can enjoy the economic development effects as soon as possible,” said Bynum.

He then pointed to the Center as an example of how a project can create a positive ripple effect in an area.

“The years following the completion of the Center, Tulsa experienced $900 million in private investment in downtown. I believe there are projects in this package that could offer similar returns for the Tulsa area.”

City councilors played a role in building the timeline, in addition to a diverse, citizen-based advisory group that was appointed from Tulsa’s public and private sectors, including representatives from businesses and community groups and young professionals, to provide a final review of the plan.

“I think five years in the future, it will be amazing what Tulsa will look like,” Bynum said. “It will be home to an Olympic sport ( racing), home to a museum that is worthy of its world-class western art collection (Gilcrease Museum), and will have a lake in its downtown (A Gathering Place for Tulsa), and there will again be recreational activity on the Arkansas River.”

Beginning with the highest dollar project is a list of all projects that will receive full funding in the first five years of Vision Tulsa:

• Gilcrease Museum Expansion: $65 million
• Cox Business Center and Arena District Master Plan: $55 million
• Zink Dam, low water dam with recreational gates and flumes: $46 million
• Tulsa Fairgrounds: $30 million
• Airport Infrastructure: $27.3 million
• Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum $25 million
• Langston University: $16.25 million
• National Headquarters: $15 million
• New pedestrian bridge: $15 million
• South Mingo Corridor: $15 million
• Public Schools, safety first initiative: $14.5 million
• Peoria-Mohawk Business Park: $10 million
• Community Health Connection East Clinic: $9.97 million
• Air National Guard F-35 Simulator Training Center: $9.4 million
• Discovery Lab, Tulsa Children’s Museum Permanent Site: $8 million
• Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness: $7.6 million
• Peoria Connection, North Peoria Avenue, 56th Street North to Mohawk Boulevard: $7 million
• Career Placement: $5.32 million
• Levee District #12 Rehabilitation: $5 million
• McCullough Park: $3.6 million
• University Center at Tulsa Authority/OSU Tulsa: $3.6 million
• Mohawk Sports Complex: $3.5 million
• GO Plan, priority projects identified in bicycle/pedestrian master plan: $3.12 million
• Rt. 66 Village Train Depot: $3 million
• 23rd and Jackson Redevelopment Site, relocation study, design and acquisition: $1 million
• Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust Planning: $1 million

Updated 02-01-2017

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