We Need to Support Our Energy Industry


It has been over two years since my book “America Needs America’s Energy: Creating Together the People’s Energy Plan” was released. During that time frame, I have had the opportunity to speak throughout the U.S.

Upcoming speaking engagements over the next several weeks include Denver’s Energy/ Environment Roundtable hosted by the Thomas Jefferson Institute, National Association of Royalty Owners Association Convention in Albuquerque, Shreveport Wildcatters Association, and the Energy Roundtable held in Washington, D.C.
I am very appreciative of the support and encouragement that this energy campaign has had. Though America is less dependent on foreign oil than in the recent past, we must keep moving forward to make sure we maintain and achieve national energy security.

To meet the challenge, we need to support our energy industry. According to a recent report, it is projected that the U.S. could lose as many as 50 percent of its energy workforce within the next five years, (primarily due to employees projected to retire). Therefore, the U.S. will need to step up its efforts in regard to technological advancement, innovation, training and energy education.

We need reasonable regulation and legislation in place. The U.S. needs bipartisan support when it comes to tax provisions. We must work together.

The U.S. recently passed both Saudi Arabia and Russia in the rankings as the worId’s largest producer of petroleum liquids. The U.S. liquids fuel consumption forecast for 2014 is 18.88 million barrels of oil per day according to the Energy Information Administration.
We are realizing an economic energy boom. We need to push forward the momentum.

Note other statistics:

• Half of the U.S. growth in oil and gas rigs is from Oklahoma and Texas.
• There are over 6,000 products refined from natural gas and crude oil.
• The U.S. small independent oil and gas industry accounted for $579 billion US gross domestic product in 2010.
• Oil and gas independents account for more than three percent of the total U.S. workforce.
• The U.S. independents account for 4 million of the nation’s jobs.
• In 2010, U.S. energy independents employees paid more than $30 billion in income federal and state taxes, sales taxes and excise taxes.
• The Bakken Play (Montana and North Dakota) reached production of more than a million barrels of oil per day.

We can’t afford to rest on our successes. We must lead the world in energy. As I mentioned in one of my recent columns, Russia and China definitely have their energy strategies in place. America needs a concise energy strategy, a Plan
It is time we come together! The U.S. has the immediate challenge of striving for and maintaining energy independence. It is extremely important that the U.S. be in a strong position of securing energy reserves within its own boundaries. America Needs America’s Energy!

Mark Stansberry is the author of the book America Needs America’s Energy: Creating Together the People’s Energy Plan. Go to www.peopleseenergyplan.com to join the effort. Facebook: America Needs America’s Energy, with 12,000 supporters and counting.

Updated 09-20-2014

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