Tulsa Weather Preparedness Update

TULSA, Okla. – Mayor Bartlett, County Commissioner Fred Perry and officials from city and state agencies provided updates Sunday at a news briefing, and also discussed planning efforts to the additional snowfall predicted this week.

Street Update

Arterials: plowing and treating continues. Most have four lanes open – but there some four lanes, that will are down to one lane in each direction.

Secondary: passable – front loaders, backhoes, other equipment from Public Works (surface drainage and wastewater crews) are still on the secondary arterials, plus we have 2 of our largest contractors working on secondary arterials – Lot Maintenance and EarthSmart.

Residential: Fire Trucks – still driving neighborhood streets.

Also Public Works crews are responding to County’s request for assistance to clear streets by election precinct locations.

  • Public Works is still working around the clock: Spreaders are assigned to 35 specific routes totaling 1,750 lane-miles. Spreading and plowing routes are prioritized based on traffic counts. There are 118 secondary arterials. These streets are in neighborhoods and run the length of a square mile, between arterial roadways. Crews divided the city into west, central and east sections, and began clearing in the most populated areas within each section first.

Water Line breaks

Through yesterday a total of 61 water main breaks have been reported.

Today (Feb. 6th) there are 18 breaks posted on the break board. Of these, 14 are currently being worked with 4 holding. Of the breaks crews are working today, the largest are a 16″ at 21st street & Detroit, and a 24″ at 723 E. 2nd street.

On 21st Street closed Wheeling to Xanthus – all four lanes are closed

Trash Service

Tulsa Refuse Inc (TRI) and city crews will resume residential trash collection this week.  Due to the road conditions, customers should anticipate delays in the regular collection times, as collectors make every safe and responsible attempt to provide service.

Customers with personal containers or city provided carts are encouraged to use these containers, wheeled or otherwise, ONLY if there is a clear path from the customer’s house to the curb, and from the curb to the snow-packed traveled portion of the road.   Customers are also encouraged to bag their waste at a weight that they can safely deliver it to the curb.  (The Ordinance says the container and waste must be 50 lbs or less, and staff would suggest much less than 50 lbs in these conditions.)

Backyard service customers will be serviced ONLY if there is a clear path and unobstructed access to the backyard gate.  Backyard service customers may place there bagged or containerized waste at the curb if there is not a clear path to the backyard.

For customers that live in neighborhoods or on streets, cul-de-sacs or dead-end streets that are impassible, the collectors will notify city staff if they are unable to provide service so that these areas can be addressed with other equipment to make them passable.

TRI and city crews will not service carts, containers or bags that are buried or partially buried by ice or snow, and/or overweight.

Police/Fire Safety/EMSA

The Tulsa Police Department is fully staffed and still operating under “Operation Slick Streets” and only responding to injury collisions.

Citizens can call 9-1-1 for emergency requests. For all other requests, citizens can call 2-1-1. Below are requests 2-1-1 receives: Child care services, Clothing, Counseling, Crisis intervention, Disability services, Domestic violence services, Food, Health care, Housing, Job placement, Legal assistance, Rent assistance, senior services, Utility assistance and Volunteer opportunities.

Forecasters are predicting 5-10 inches of snow for Tuesday, Feb. 8, and Wednesday, Feb. 9, and low temperatures into Thursday. Remember to keep space heaters at least 3 feet away from any combustible materials.  Do not use extension cords unless they are heavy duty rated for the job.  Never have extension cords covered by rugs or anything that could catch fire and burn.  Turn off all electric blankets when they’re not being used.  Please do not attempt to heat your home with an oven/stove these appliances where designed to cook with not to heat a home, excessive use could emit carbon monoxide.  Also be sure to remove hoses from outside faucets this will help prevent busted pipes.  In the event of a power failure there will be several shelters available.


  • All but three buses are operational. Transit will run fixed routes tomorrow, but with limited service between 5 a.m. and 7 p.m.
  •  No night service.
  • The Lift Program will be only running medical trips – and still using the Lift buses and the 4 Wheel drive vehicles provided by Lexus.

Citizens can follow updates on City services by following the City at www.cityoftulsa.org, on Facebook atwww.facebook.com/cityoftulsa and Twitter at www.twitter.com/cityoftulsagov.

Updated 02-07-2011

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