Weddings Embrace New Trends in 2011

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RUSTIC TOUCHES: There are a variety of new trends this year for weddings. All aspects of the ceremony are featuring rustic and vintage touches. Photography is showing the elegance of the wedding dress paired with rustic and natural backdrop.

Everything in bridal has been headed towards vintage and rustic. Lucky for us, Oklahoma is a perfect setting for a wedding of this type. Vintage gowns in beautiful laces with rich colors under lace overlays make for a very traditional look with a modern flair. Three-dimensional flowers are going to be prevalent in the textured look of wedding dresses.

Another new trend is shorter dresses. Full skirt tea-length dresses are ideal for the less formal outdoor weddings, whereas a full gown may be cumbersome.

This is just the start of vintage; so many aspects of a wedding will soon be heading in this direction. Jewelry for the bride has been reflecting this trend in past years and probably more so this year. Brooches are big with vintage style belts. Also headbands and hairpieces are going antique with silver pave looks dominating the hair jewelry arena.

Photography for one has become a canvas for vintage. I love bridal portraits of a bride in a formal gown out in a field with a rustic backdrop of wildflowers or farmland. To me, it is artistic to bring the two extremes together, the formal and rustic together is unique and a little eccentric.

Cody Aldrich from Epic Photography says, “The brides are split down the middle on style preferences. Half of their inquiries want a magazine-like, high contrast, super modern style, and the other half, want the classy, timeless vintage style of the past.”

He says that people connect and appreciate the vintage styled traditional pictures with the sepia tones and the classic, timeless poses. Overall, he says the majority of the brides want a classy wedding. Epic Photography can capture the moments with a timeless style brides love.

Cakes are always amazing. Anytime I see one I think of all of the technique that go into decorating and making it taste as good as it looks. I spoke to Jennifer Jones at Icing on the Top about trends for this year. She says, “The top three wedding cake trends that I have been seeing for 2011 are anything peacock, the color silver and varying heights on the tiers, which means one tier at two-inches, one at six-inches, one at four-inches.” Knowing that the colors for weddings are turning to jewel tones this season, I can see that peacock feathers will be a great accessory for cakes.

Jones also says that the most popular flavor is still the traditional white cake. She has been recognized in national magazine and told me, “ I love what I do especially by helping the wedding couple with the planning process all the way through to seeing the design of their cake come to life.” Some big news for Jones is that she has a new location. She has moved to downtown Tulsa, at street level at 111 W. 5th, Suite 100. She will have a visible cake gallery, and there will be cake-decorating demonstrations that people can view along the sidewalk. If you want to see more, check out her website or call for an appointment 918-828-0399. She will make sure your cake is a piece of rustic reflecting art at your wedding.

Updated 03-16-2011

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