Weddings + Recession = A Wedding Stimulus Plan

Weddings + Recession = A Wedding Stimulus Plan

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Most weddings are planned about a year before the actual date of the event. I am sure that brides who were engaged this year never realized how a recession could affect their wedding plans.

Most brides are young and may not even realize how the recession is affecting their weddings; it may be just their parents who are affected by it. I speak to hundreds of brides a year and have noticed that this year more than ever some are worried about planning their wedding because of possible job losses for themselves, their fiancé or even worse their parents.

One thing to do to beat the recession is either to downsize the wedding or plan longer so you can pay the wedding over time. Readers can refer to a past article I wrote on budgeting for your wedding. One of the best ways to cut back is to cut down the guest list. I have recently noticed and after researching, it was confirmed on the Today Show that most bridal shops across the country are noticing that brides are waiting until the last minute to order their gowns.

I understand a wait and see approach, but if the wedding date is set, the longer you wait the more stress you will have trying to fit everything in. Also, if you wait too late you will have to incur rush shipping charges.

At Facchianos, we feel that ordering with plenty of time allows you to enjoy your engagement and gives time for multiple fittings, as well as bridal portraits before the wedding.

Due to the recession, a lot of local vendors have come up with special pricing and new packages. Do not always be lured by lower prices; look up any and all vendors on the Better Business Bureau’s Web site. gives some excellent advice on knowing when not to hire a vendor.

In times of economic trouble, businesses also feel financial pressures. They’re trying to survive just as much as you are. Knowing a bit about your vendors is key. How long has the vendor/venue been around? Have they weathered economic storms before? While you’re not going to be privy to their financial statements, you can ask around about their reputation.

The wedding industry is small. Word gets around fast when someone is in trouble or is a monumental pain. Some warning signs to look out for are deep discounts that are out of line with their normal prices, severely undercutting the competition, poor customer service (not returning calls, evasive answers to simple questions, hostility), recent staff reductions, vague or odd contract wording (or willingness/desire to work without a contract) and recent bad press.

I have been in the bridal business for 16 years in Tulsa and have seen lots of places come and go. Always ask other vendors or friends for recommendations. At Facchianos, we will not discount due to manufacturers strict pricing guidelines, but we are giving our brides something special that we have come up with that has never been done before. We want to help brides beat the recession, so we have gone to all the best vendors in the area and have asked them to give our brides a special rate, coupon or gift certificate. We are offering it to any and all brides that order their gown starting right now in December; it is called Facchianos Wedding Stimulus Package.

Normally we give our brides information on everything they need to do or have for the wedding. We still give that, but now we are giving them over $1000 in savings. Participating are caterers, photographers, beauty spas, venues, flowers, party rentals, chair covers, centerpieces, makeup artists and a fantastic disc jockey.

We are adding more vendors every day, so the value is sure to go up. Hopefully, so will the economy. We have picked the best in the area so brides do not have to search around, and they can save money at the same time.

Facchianos is trying to stimulate the economy and help all the local brides have a great wedding without going into debt. Most people know the recession will eventually end, so they don’t want to skimp on their wedding day and regret it later once there are better economic times. Just remember to spend on what you think is most important and save on things that you do not.

I have watched the news and they say the recession is turning around and for all our brides I hope that is true. If you need some ideas about budgeting for your wedding feel free to contact me, Jennifer Thompson, through our Web site,

Updated 01-19-2010

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