What’s New? Bella Couture 411

What’s New? Bella Couture 411

Isabellas in Brookside

NEW CREATION: Isabella Abdo with her new art.

Whether you’re into FB, Text, EM, IM, Twitter or the unfashionable, outmoded and passé tele, the buzz is undeniable, believable, and yet unbelievable. A 10-year-old is coming out with her own boutique one-of-a-kind fashion line. Complete with name and logo!

From Bella’s ( Izzy’s) lips to my typing fingers…

“HAVE HEARD…Bella Couture IS FINALLY !!!”

The following is from Isabella herself:

Let me tell you a little bit about this one of a kind jewelry line that I created. How I did it, what it is exactly and where you can get it…

My inspiration came from my grandmother who started Isabella’s of Brookside (my namesake, of course). She and my mom came up with the concept of private labeling and one-of-a-kind pieces done by a local artist.

Since my Na-Na (g-ma) graduated from TU with something like a triple Art degree, she can do almost everything when it comes to creating, altering and generally anything that has to do with originality. She private labels the Isabella Najat Tulsa clothing line, which I will soon be doing my own labeling for and also much of the jewelry.

Getting back to me…my logo consists of puffy-like cloud wings with a heart in the middle. The heart has a lock in the middle with a key to the side. The heart represents my heart and since I like to use a lot of wings, keys, hearts and peace symbols in my pieces it ties it all together. My pieces are multi-faceted and multi-charmed.

I love Juicy Couture so some of my inspiration came from their line. One of my nicknames is Bella, which means beautiful and I have always been into fashion (I get that from my mom). Therefore, Bella Couture!

The first pieces I started with are rings made with wire and decorative glass.
The cool thing is you can come in and design your own. We stand behind all of our work, so if you loose an earring or have a piece that breaks we fix or replace it.
Next my artwork will be on display and for purchase. I work mainly with abstracts and acrylics.

Since my Na-Na and Mom are getting a lil’ older (shhh, don’t tell them I said so), I put a hip new twist on things for ages.

If you haven’t been in our store, or if it has been awhile, come check us out.
Isabella’s of Brookside is located at 1311 E. 35th St. The phone number is (918) 744-9100.

Updated 07-21-2009

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